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More People are Choosing Rosarito Beach as their Home Now More than Ever!


Rosarito Real Estate Market Update for June 1st, 2020. Kanoa and Lui are going to talk about an update on the real estate market in the United States and what is happening in our area with the high demand for properties in less crowded areas down here at the Rosarito Beach Area.

Here is the list of topics they discuss:

02:42 – Rural demand vs City demand.
08:12 – 38.6 million people have filed for unemployment in the U.S.
10:20 – Mexico will potentially benefit from the trade wars that are taking place today.
14:37 – Traffic By Location.
19:08 – Buyer leads vs Seller and Renter leads.
20:27 – Why Rosarito Beach?

Here we will leave the links for the sources of the videos that are shown during the video.


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