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Border Crossing Update and Is Rosarito Beach Open Now?


Today Kanoa and Luis give us an update on the border crossing wait times, specifically for the ports of entry in San Ysidro and Otay.

The restrictions for essential and non-essential travelers going to the U.S. are still in place, there have been no changes so far. But now that there is more activity at the borders, the question is, if as a Mexican with a tourist visa, can you cross without any problem? We would like to know your experiences in the comments section.

They also talk about how things have changed since the last update, since a couple of things have changed and thanks to Diego Knight of Baja Talk Time, we have been informed that the different entrances to Rosarito, coming from the scenic road, have been opened again.

Diego Knight of Baja Talk Time has put too much effort and dedication into informing the Rosarito Beach foreign community of all the latest news that happens in our city.

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Kanoa and Lui talk about a special menu for today from a local restaurant, meatloaf, and a movie? This is tonight’s special from Happy Hour Restaurant, located at Km 43.5 in Rosarito Beach.

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Visit the Rosarito Living Facebook group to check if more restaurants are reopening soon, check cool photos from the community, and more information.

Remember that you can find the near real-time camera of the border crossing wait times for San Ysidro and Otay available at and

Click Here to Watch Near Real-Time San Diego/Tijuana Border Crossing Cameras

We wish for you to continue to stay positive, stay healthy, and more importantly, stay home.


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