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Border Crossing Update with Roadblocks, Checkpoints and Border Closures!


Today Kanoa and Luis provide us with an update on the border crossing wait times, specifically for the ports of entry in San Ysidro and Otay. According to the U.S. Border Customs website, the Otay border seemed to be closed this morning, but looking at the Border Cameras we were able to see that the line was moving and people were allowed to go across the border. 

Rosarito Living is a Facebook group where a large part of the Rosarito Beach community helps each other answer different questions including the border crossing times, we suggest you join the group.

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They also shared an article where it says that only essential activities are allowed starting on June 1st in Baja California.

The traffic light system the federal government put in place shows that Baja California is still red, so measures such as house confinement, social distancing, and special care in vulnerable groups continue; as they are actions that contribute to cutting the chain of infections.

Click here to read the article from Uniradio News (Spanish)

Other measures being taken are limited access to the city and checkpoints along the highway.

Arturo Hernandez, director from FRAO (Foreign Residents Attention Office) mentioned what you need to prepare to visit Rosarito and Ensenada. If you live here or have a doctor’s appointment or another legitimate reason to be visiting, make sure you’re prepared before coming to Baja.

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Remember that you can find the near real-time camera of the border crossing wait times for San Ysidro and Otay available at and

Click Here to Watch Near Real-Time San Diego/Tijuana Border Crossing Cameras

We wish for you to continue to stay positive, stay healthy, and more importantly, stay home.


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