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Setting Up A Last Will And Testament In Baja – Safe And Simple! – Interview With Rafael Solorzano



Sometimes or most of the time, many people dedicate more time to planning things that they find more important than estate planning—deciding who will inherit their assets after they’re gone. 

It may not be as fun to think about as planning a vacation or buying a new car, but without estate planning, you can’t decide who gets everything that you worked so hard to get.

Kanoa interviews Rafael Solorzano, a Baja Real Estate Attorney, about estate planning and last wills in Baja. This subject is not that recomforting to talk about most of the time, and people don’t realize how important it is to be prepared, especially for foreigners, when they come down to Mexico. 

Many times it may sound complicated or unnecessary, and we try to avoid or postpone the process of setting up a will. The reality is that the process to set up a last will & testament in Mexico is simple, you have to understand how important it is, what you can include, how much it costs, and how to act in the different situations that may happen.

It’s also crucial to understand the difference between having a fideicomiso (also known as a bank trust) and a will. And whether to include one or multiple properties in a bank trust. 

Here is the list of topics they discuss:

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Rafael Solorzano
Attorney at Law / Licensed Exclusively in Mexico


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