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Closing a Real Estate Transaction in Baja in 2020 – Interview with Kanoa & Guillermo Perez


Guillermo Perez, a professional Title & Settlement consultant, discusses how we need to be open-minded and how we can adjust to new opportunities in this new economic environment by getting ahead of the game.  

Although it is too soon to talk about permanent trends, increasing trends in traffic are being seen, and people are looking for opportunities to generate wealth in Mexico Real Estate. Many people are looking for investment opportunities by refinancing and removing equity from their homes.  

Guillermo talks about virtual closings VS digital closings and the difference between the two. Virtual closings have been happening for quite some time in Mexico and require that due diligence and compliance that paperwork has been done correctly and that title is clear.  

One important aspect of a virtual closing is to set up proper expectations from the beginning, especially where timing and costs are involved. This is currently being done safely via conference calls.  

Guillermo’s specialty is helping clients figure out the capital gains taxes and the best ways to lower them.  He has significant services to offer clients at a distance by limiting face to face interactions and preparing in advance.

Here is the list of topics they discuss:


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