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Quality Living from the Team that Cares! Testimonial for the VIP Team

The VIP Team did it again! Real Estate is a team sport, so working with a team really makes a difference! Congratulations to Eddie for getting this amazing testimonial:

“Eddie has been outstanding since taking over our account. It’s like he reads our minds and makes it happen.

We are scheduled for our walk-through on the 30th; Liz is having a furniture delivered on the 1st and plans to sleep there on the 2nd. Wanted to sleep there on the 1st, but I told her that might be pushing it.

When people go the extra mile, it needs to be acknowledged; too many times, we only recognize the negative.”

-Jim & Liz Rogers, La Jolla Excellence Buyers

If you are planning on buying or selling luxury real estate in Rosarito Beach, make sure to call the VIP


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