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Faby Delgado's Testimonials

Faby Delgado with Las Olas Grand Clients in Rosarito Beach


Handing the keys over to Faby Delgado's client after closing a deal at Las Olas Grand Unit.




Faby Delgado in Plaza del Mar



Faby Delgado, Claudia Pierce and Kenneth Huseman in Plaza del Mar open house with Mr. Bustamante.




Gerardo Oceguera and Faby Delgado Las Olas Grand Clients

Las Olas Grand Clients Experience with our Rosarito Beach Real Estate Agents Faby and Gerardo

We would like to thank Gerardo & Faby for their patience, guidance, and expertise during our search and purchase process at Las Olas Grand. We would highly recommend them to help others entering into this process. Though we have owned 6 homes in the US, we knew absolutely nothing about the process of buying property in Mexico. Gerardo & Faby were great about educating us on the area, the process, costs, and realities. They quickly earned our trust and made the entire process seem smooth and painless. Thanks! Sean & Betsy Rosebrugh

Happy clients with Faby Delgado in Las Olas Grand

A very satisfied client shared her experience with our Licensed Real Estate Agent Faby Delgado

"I appreciate that you want to know about my experience in working with Faby. 

As we both know, the purchase of our home is probably one of the largest expenses we make in our life span.  Because I am in the Sevice industry I am probably more critical about good service, my standards are high. 

After I had completed my research about where I wanted to retire, where I would be safe, a nice place, a comfortable place, one level smaller home that I could handle on my own.  I called your office to ask for help. Faby returned my call. She listened to all of my excitement and concerns then she seemed to be excited with me and was full of great suggestions about my ‘kind of place’ I was looking for, she took notes and she said that she would Send information for me to review a  link with a list of homes that she felt would be suitable for me. She did, she was prompt. After I reviewed the locations I made an appointment with her to see the condominiums. Faby then asked Zinnia Quezada (she was great) to show me the homes. I met Faby at Las Olas Grand and she was very detailed about the entire purchasing process. I like that she knew exactly what I was looking for and knew that I was a serious buyer with very little time to spare.

She helped me to complete the offer, kept me posted with every step of the way. We closed escrow last week. Faby made my experience an exciting event! She was more like a dear friend to me than my Real Estate Agent. She made sure that all my questions and concerns were addressed in a quick manner, gave me peace of mind, I really needed that! 

I am in the middle of finishing my condo, by the way, if all of the prior support from Faby was not enough Faby also provided the person that would help me to finish my unit (Cecilio Guevara Rodriguez a great guy). I am not from Baja and having such wonderful competent support has made all of the difference in my world. 
I will highly recommend Faby to all of my family and friends. I cannot express my gratitude to Faby. She represented your company as you advertise it, professional, knowledgeable, kind and the ‘best’ Real Estate in Baja California. I wish Faby great the success she is deserving.

Warmest regards, Maria Candelaria A. Sanchez

Happy clients with Faby Delgado in Las Olas Grand Restaurant

A client shared her experience working with our Licensed Real Estate Faby Delgado

"I had the pleasure of working with Faby as my agent. She was very responsive from the beginning and helped me find what I was looking for. The transaction was very smooth and she kept me informed throughout the process. I appreciate  her help and guidance and would highly recommend her."  - Sandra Garza

Happy clients with Faby Delgado in Las Olas Grand RestaurantA Happy Faby's Client in Las Olas Grand Restaurant

"I have been looking for 3 years and was just not working with the right agents. They wouldn't follow up, they didn't show me what I was interested in or simply didn't want to work with me. I found Baja123 and met Faby. She became my agent. She asked me questions no other agent asked me. She made me feel like  I was in the right hands and with the best companyI let her know I wanted to investwhat I wanted to spend, and that I wanted to Airbnb my condo. She brought me to the perfect location. This place is paradise, I couldn't be happier with my purchase. What other agents made me feel so hesitant about, Faby made me feel at easeBuying in Mexico is a safe transaction, especially when you are being taken care of by Faby and the company Baja123." Thank you! - Ever Reyes

Happy clients with Faby Delgado in Las Olas GrandClients Experience with Faby

"Faby was a very tentative Real estate agent. When we had questions they were answered very promptly. We have been looking for a condo for a year with other realtors and they were trying to push us to other properties that we didn’t want. When it came to Faby, we told her what we wanted so she took us to Las Olas. It was exactly what we were looking for and we bought the same day. She is a great agent. One thing I really liked is she help us through the whole process taking time to get us to the notary. We plan on buying another one and we will ask Faby to be our agent." Thank you! Ray & Mary.

Our professional agents showing properties in Puerto Salina

Our Professional Agents Showing Properties in Puerto Salina



Faby with a happy buyer in Rosarito Beach Hotel

Faby with a Happy Buyer in Rosarito Beach Hotel





Faby's Client thrilled to be in La Jolla Del Mar

Faby's Client thrilled to be in La Jolla Del Mar





Enjoying the crashing waves at Las Olas Grand with Faby

Enjoying the crashing waves at Las Olas Grand with Faby





Faby visiting a friend at Betty's burgers

Faby visiting a friend at Betty's burgers


Preschool beach activities with Fabiola Delgado

Preschool beach activities with Faby Delgado

Gerardo Oceguera and Faby Delgado Las Olas Grand Clients


Las Olas Grand Clients Experience with our Rosarito Beach Real Estate Agents Faby and Gerardo