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Testimonial From Nancy and David Slack for San Antonio del Mar in Tijuana


Great Testimonial For Claudia Pierce in San Antonio del Mar

Nancy and David Slack, a lovely couple from Michigan, shared with us their experience with our Rosarito Beach Real Estate Agent Claudia Pierce.

During their 34-year marriage, they moved 8 times because of David’s career, and now they found the best place to live, San Antonio Del Mar in Tijuana, Mexico.

They were looking for a place near their son in San Diego CA, near the ocean and it needed to be an affordable home. They started looking for real estate companies in the Central California Coast and finally found, met Claudia, and the rest is history.

Now they’re living the Baja lifestyle the way they dreamed, and they couldn’t be happier.

About San Antonio del Mar in Tijuana

San Antonio Del Mar is one of the oldest and best known single-family home communities in the Rosarito area. Actually, it is on the far southwest side of the city limits of Tijuana but most of the residents gravitate toward Rosarito for shopping and entertainment rather than the bigger city. Only 13 miles south of the U.S. border, it lies along 3 kilometers (or 1.8 miles) of the Pacific ocean and contains 900 homes. It has two entrances, a north and a south entrance, about a mile apart along the free road. It boasts 3 swimming pools, 5 public bathrooms and a very large park located at the south entrance which is favored for outdoor activities. The park contains a terrific kid’s playground and there are miles of beautiful walkable beaches within its boundaries.

The community has a great variety of different kinds of architecture which have been built up over time in a permissive building environment. But recent changes have upgraded the standards and now any new construction or home modification must be done under a permit from both the homeowners association and the City of Tijuana.

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