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The Ultimate Seller’s Guide To Sell Your Property In Rosarito Beach – SUPER IMPORTANT


Are you planning on selling your Rosarito Beach property?

More deals fall apart in Rosarito Beach because of the seller side compared to any other reasons.

This is the first video in our new series called The Ultimate Guide To Selling Your Rosarito Beach Property-SUPER IMPORTANT!

The objective of this series is to teach you about the best practices for selling a property in Rosarito Beach.

Here are 5 points from The Ultimate Guide To Selling Your Rosarito Beach Property-SUPER IMPORTANT!

  1. Look for a professional agent with knowledge and experience.
  2. Make sure the agent has an office to which they are committed.
  3. Make sure the agent has de ability to identify problems with your property during the listing presentation, you don’t want an agent that says yes to everything.
  4. Make sure the agent collaborates with third-party professionals such as attorneys, accountants, notaries, etc. Remember, they should only be giving you real estate advice.
  5. Ask the agent to clarify what you are getting for that 6% commission. The agent should have a marketing plan, strategies, and a capable support team to promote your property.

We recommend you to follow the points above, and the ones described in the video, to have a successful transaction.

If you are ready to sell your Rosarito Beach home, please give us a call.


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