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A real estate agent will be asked to find the client a prospective buyer, the buyer will want to fall in love with the house or condo, but it is up to consultants like me to make sure the pair are a good match an that the deal is sexy and sweet, but smart.

An ideal match is one with both compatibility and spark — but that something special that can be difficult to quantify and qualify. Each party comes to the decision differently.

The agent’s role, as in the song, “looks through the book.” The dedicated agent possesses an intimate knowledge of the area, what’s currently on the market and even those homes that could be a match yet are not currently active.

Skilled agents see the twinkle in their buyer’s eyes upon entering a home but, I must play the part of the mother in law to protect my client.

Keep this in mind: To be smart means that the home is a good investment, that it’s free and clear, that the purchase will be done per the law and that the end result may make my client happy, for this, it is essential that my client makes a smart decision by being willing to listen to advise and common sense.

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Rafael Solorzano
Attorney at Law / Licensed Exclusively in Mexico

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