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The Coronavirus and the Real Estate Market in Rosarito Beach, Mexico


Kanoa and Lui discuss the current situation of the Coronavirus in Rosarito Beach, Mexico, more specifically regarding the Real Estate market in our area.

The coronavirus is a concerning topic for people wanting to visit Rosarito Beach, either for vacation purposes or with the intention of buying real estate in our area, and it’s important to let you know how this situation is impacting the city and the industry.

The first thing to know is that it’s important to get reliable information regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) and to get the most accurate information we recommend visiting official websites, such as CDC and WHO

Here are the topics discussed in this video:

1:09 – Where to get accurate information on the Coronavirus
1:40 – How are people reacting to the situation in Rosarito Beach
2:40 – What happened during the swine flu outbreak?
3:45 – The news regarding Tom Hanks
4:43 – The reasons to come to Rosarito Beach, Mexico
5:22 – The health system in Mexico and the benefits of being in Rosarito
6:28 – About buyers coming to purchase Real Estate in Rosarito
7:17 – Fear shopping in the U.S. compared to Mexico
8:14 – Should you still come down to Rosarito Beach?

For more information regarding medical services in the Rosarito Beach area visit our website:


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