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Darrell Graham

Rosarito Beach Licensed Real Estate Agent


About Darrell Graham


I have the great pleasure of being able to retire and live in Rosarito Beach Mexico. After over thirty years as a Police Officer in The United States, I am very happy to have the ability to spend the rest of my life here. After considering many places, I moved here where I found all the things I love and dreamed of in retirement. Outstanding restaurants, amazing sunsets, culture, entertainment, and friendly people. Rosarito has all the benefits of Mexico living while being close enough to California to enjoy the conveniences of the U.S at an affordable budget. I look forward to showing you all the amazing things I have found and helped you find your dreams too.

I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and have traveled to many parts of Mexico. I truly believe Rosarito is a great area of Mexico which draws tourism and many Americans to retirement while maintaining its quaint beach town attraction.

Having interacted with people of various cultures for so many years has allowed me to really experience different levels of customer service. After buying and selling many homes of my own as well I have experienced various levels of customer service. From this, I have learned what I believe are the best practices and transfer them to my clients. I enjoy helping people share what I found here and helping them find the same joy.

There is nothing more satisfying for me than to see my clients find their dream home or property and make it become a reality. I believe my word is my bond and that integrity is the most important thing. For this reason, I chose to work after retirement with Baja123 Realty. Here I found a great team and with a commitment, honesty, passion, diligence and world-class customer service delivered each client a unique, stress-free experience. I will be happy to commit to your search and be relentless with dedicated service to help you search for your home or property to build the home of your dreams. You have a choice in who represents you and when you chose to work with me no detail will be overlooked. And you can rest assured you have not only me, but a team of experts to assist you.

While the process of buying or building a home in a foreign country can be stressful, we focus on making the transition as smooth and stress-free as possible by getting to know and meeting our client's needs, making sure all steps are handled as expected and educating our clients through the entire process.

My mission is to help you from start to finish and make buying or selling your property easy. Our goal is to lead you into a lifestyle that was previously unimaginable. I am a process of this same effort and results as Baja123 helped me as well to realize my dreams and we will help you do the same.

Darrell Graham's Testimonials

Darrell's Happy clients after a record time closing at Castillos del Mar
Darrell's Happy clients after a record time closing at Castillos del Mar
Darrell During a Little Gathering They Organized with Clients
Darrell During a Little Gathering They Organized with Clients
Darrell with Another Happy client in Ricamar, Rosarito Beach
Darrell with Another Happy client in Ricamar, Rosarito Beach
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