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Tourism to Mexico jumps nearly 20%

More international travelers are visiting beach resort towns that have not experienced much of the country's drug-related violence, officials say. By Hugo Martín, Los Angeles Times October 8, 2010 In a surprising turnabout, international tourism

One million Americans have already purchased real estate in Mexico and now we know why!

We have updates for those of you who havefollowed our recent move from Los Angeles to Rosarito Beach, Baja, California, Mexico , in a previous edition of EscapeFromAmericaMagazine . Other than hanging some large pieces of art and a few drapes in our 4,500

Mexico Creates What Is Called "The Most Secure City In The World."

Iris Scanners Create the Most Secure City in the World. Welcome, Big Brother By Austin Carr We've all seen and obsessively referenced [1] Minority Report, Steven Spielberg's adaptation of Philip K. Dick's dystopian future, where the public

The Mexico Medical Boom Is Coming

There was a residential tourism study about 5 years ago in which the economist predicted that if Panama was to have an estimated 30,000 retirees to move in, which is about 1% of its total population, the country would get a foreign investment higher than

Mexican health care for Americans studied

Regulatory reforms needed, experts say By Sandra Dibble , UNION-TRIBUNE STAFF WRITER Wednesday, April 21, 2010 at 9:09 p.m. Rising medical needs in the United States are creating new opportunities for Mexico’s health care industry to serve a broad

Mexico's big hope: get 5 million U.S. retirees

Posted on Sat, Apr. 17, 2010 Mexico's big hope: get 5 million U.S. retirees BY ANDRES OPPENHEIMER aoppenheimer@MiamiHerald.com M EXICO CITY -- Mexico is silently working on proposals aimed at drawing millions of U.S. retirees to this country, which

Washington Post Dispels Mexico Myths-MONDAY, MARCH 29, 2010

After so many sensationalized reports about the "drug war" in Mexico, it's nice to see one major publication focussing on the truth. The Washington Post , yesterday, cut through the hysterical rhetoric of other newspapers and ran an opinion

Mexico's New Drug Law May Set an Example

No dreadlocked revelers smoked celebratory reefers in the streets, no armies of conservatives protested, the Mexican media raised no hullabaloo. Quietly and with little ado, Mexico last week enacted a law to decriminalize possession of small amounts of

Rosarito is Safe! Hotels at 70% Occupancy! The Sky is Bright Blue! Let the Good Times Roll

Do you think you will see this on the national media? I doubt it. ROSARITO BEACH, BAJA CALIFORNIA, MEXICO--- Fourth of July brought this seaside city 30 miles south of San Diego its best tourism of 2009, with hotel occupancy at 70 percent on the holiday

California and Baja are Merging to Become Cali-Baja!! This is a must read article by the N.Y. Times If you are planing on doing business in Baja. See why Baja is going to become a "Global Powerhouse For Commercial Growth"

In the last year, economic development officials and local elected leaders in San Diego County, Baja cities in Mexico and the sprawling Imperial Valley about 90 miles to the east have used a grant of $220,000 of government and private seed money for an

San Diegans Flock to Baja By The Sea-Exhibit At The Embacadero Park North

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA---Thousands of people attended Saturday’s Baja By the Sea showcase promotional event at the Embacadero Park North at Seaport Village, sampling free food and wine and artistic creations of the area. Baja Governor Jose Guadalupe

Health-care challenged Californians flocking to Mexico

The pharmacy business in Tijuana is still booming, despite crackdowns by the state to weed out illegitimate operators. - John Gibbins / Union-Tribune TIJUANA — About 1 million adult Californians seek health care in Mexico each year – and that

California and Baja Mexico are joining together to become one "CALI-BAJA"

SAN DIEGO -- The marketing component of an initiative aimed at drawing business to San Diego and Imperial counties and Northern Baja California was unveiled Thursday by a coalition of business and elected officials from around the region. The tag line

Bad News Creates Good Ocean Front and Ocean View Prices In Baja

All of us that are interested in Mexico are aware of the media bashing concerning violence here. The unfair reporting of the true nature of what has caused the killings and the unfair assessment of how the 99% of the people living here are unaffected

"Major" Threat For Swine Flu In Mexico Ends

Not that any of us ever felt there was a “Major Threat” in Mexico Mexico Cruises Return With the Centers for Disease Control lifting a warning against non essential visits to Mexico, San Diego’s year-round, home ported ship, the Carnival