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Have a Baja Moment! Rancho Leonero and Beachfront Casa Verde

“Alright,” our kayak guide barked with a grin.  “Get those legs over the side …I want to see you all sitting sideways on your yaks!!  Get used to fishing that way.  It’s VERY stable!”

He was right, of course; it was our first day of 
East Cape kayak fishing and we needed to get outside of my comfort zone.  We were paddling along in 120 feet of deep blue water on a beautiful morning in the Sea of Cortez, and it was totally up to me to make the most of the experience.  I began to twist my torso slowly as I swung my legs over the starboard rail of my Ocean Kayak Prowler and then maneuvered my lower half so that I was facing perpendicular to the bow.  It was at this very moment, with my feet dangling in the crystal clear 80-degree water and the hot tropical sun beating down on my shoulders, that I came to the fullest realization that we had indeed arrived in paradise.


Published Wednesday, April 3, 2013 1:47 PM by Gloria Davalos


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