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November 2012 - Posts

Is The Twinkie Moving To Mexico

Is The Twinkie Moving To Mexico Christian Science Monitor : Who knew there were so many Twinkie diehards? The announcement that Hostess Brands would shutter and liquidate its 33 bakeries - including its Twinkie-making plant in Illinois - sparked a fevered

US, Mexico To Sign Landmark Colorado River Agreement | KPBS.org

FLAGSTAFF, ARIZ. — The Hoover Dam was built to control the powerful Colorado River, which for many years flooded farms and cities. “‘Ladies and gentlemen, here is where man conquered the mighty river placing a concrete yoke about its

Mexico's mummified PET dog could unlock secrets of ancient tribes: 1,000-year-old canine believed to be domesticated and used in hunting expeditions

First ever mummified dog to be found in Mexico Raises possibility that animal was domesticated and used to stalk prey Age and breed yet to be determined by archaeologists By Sam Webb PUBLISHED: 21:25 GMT, 18 November 2012 | UPDATED: 10:26 GMT, 19 November

Single Story For Sale in Las Olas Grand

High End Unit • 1,200 sq. ft., 2 bath, 2 bdrm single story - $1,200 USD - Long Term Rental Las Olas Grand, Las Olas - Las Olas Grand is a world class, luxury driven aesthetics are the core of Las Olas Grand. In the inspired interiors, you can expect
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Price Reduced on 1108-Las Olas Grand Rental in Las Olas Grand

Las Olas Grand, Las Olas - Announcing a price reduction on 1108-Las Olas Grand Rental, a 1,200 sq. ft., 2 bath, 2 bdrm single story. Now $1,200 USD - Long Term Rental. Property information
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Captain Capitalism: What a Friend We Have in...Mexico?

What a Friend We Have in...Mexico? I had a hunch, and usually my hunches are right. So off into the Cappy Cap Mobile I went and started doing some research and, shucks howdy, what do you know, I was right (again)! The Mexican economy is doing much better

Mexico expresses its support for U.S. communities hit by storm

The Mexican government expressed its solidarity with all the communities hammered by Hurricane Sandy in the United States and said it was offering "consular protection to all the Mexicans who require it." "Different assistance and consular

Day trip: Eating events in Baja California

The region's reaching cult status among foodies, have a look for yourself By Keli Dailey Monday, October 29, 2012 Brilliant. The way Baja California’s culinary scene has soared in the past two years, picking up new Mexiphiles and big endorsements