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Tijuana Dental Clinics Promote Healthy Smiles on a Vacation

By: Yasir Khan

Source: www.sbwire.com


American consumers who patronize Tijuana dental clinics usually enjoy a short vacation while they’re in Mexico for dental implants and other services. Many of the most popular clinics provide hotel room booking assistance and a few of them also provide transportation to and from the airport or border crossing which is a plus for first-time visitors. 

Medical tourism is a booming industry that couples medical treatments with a short vacation. Americans get to enjoy significant savings on their dental implants in Mexico while they enjoy a few days of lying on the beach or shopping in the tourist areas of the city. Many patients also travel to other parts of Mexico and exotic locales to recover from oral surgery while drinking margaritas until the sun rises. 

It’s a little difficult to imagine lying on the beach after oral surgery but that’s exactly what tens-of-thousands of consumers do on a yearly basis. Word of mouth advertising for dental clinics is a major contributor to the success of oral surgeons in Mexico. One of the doctors at the extremely popular Dental Art International clinic in Tijuana said, “We work long hours to satisfy a growing list of patients from America. We have all the work we can handle.”




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