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Take a look at what a few amazing people are doing to get Mariachi in the schools of Mexico as well as in the mind of young very talented musicians.

So you do you think you know Mariachi? Well I thought I did and I have to say that I saw a side of Mariachi that I have never seen before when I attended a Mariachi festival this past weekend at the Rosarito Beach Hotel.

When I think of Mariachi I think of a few well dressed gentleman in our fine restaurants sing songs for our table while we enjoy dinner. 

Boy did I see a completely different side of Mariachi this weekend.  While I enjoy the music at the restaurant I have to say it really did not compare to the incredibly talented performers we were so lucky have perform for us this past weekend

I never realized how deeply ingrained Mariachi is with the  culture...and how incredibly talented some of the mariachi bands are.


A good friend of mine and a huge supporter of the Boys and Girls Club here in Rosarito Beach, Ed Marsh,  invited me to an event this last weekend that would change the way I feel about mariachi music for ever.

See Ed and and few other people he is involved with are working with the local boys and girls club to help preserve the this cultuale of this music  as it seems to be slipping away.  A very nice women that I sat next at the concert whose name I believe was Patrica also told me that the Boys and Girls Club is just the start and that they are working very hard to have Mariachi brought into the schools and added as an elective class for interested students.

Now I am no expert on the subject so please if you have any interest in helping, participating or donating to the great cause please go to this website and I am sure someone there can assist you.  http://www.clubnyn.org/

If you are a music lover or even a mariachi enthusiast I encourage you to support this this beautiful music as well as the kids that will be the future for Mariachi.  I am sure any donations and support will be welcomed appreciated.

I want to leave you with some video of the event I took that night.  Now this was taken with a flip so forgive the sound and video quality.




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