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Eat Your Way Through Mexico City: 7 Un-Skippable Dining Options

By: Matthew Bell

Source: www.newnownext.com

When I travel, there’s something I usually forget—my hotel room number, what language I’m supposed to speak, an address, an umbrella, an extra layer, a boyfriend…uh…. But in Mexico City, I think just forgot to stop eating. And it’s not like I rolled my food-lovin’ behind from one restaurant to the next, but everywhere you turn in Mexico City, some kind of culinary delight is staring right back at you—from gourmet to street and savory to sweet. With a knack for attentive service, rich flavors, interesting mixtures and enough creativity send Padma into a cartwheeling frenzy…plus a whole lot of tequila, Mexico City’s foodie scene is up there with the best in the world.

And oddly, no one tried to shoot me, stab me, kidnap me or rob me. Kiss me? Yes. Buy me a drink? More than once. And offer to walk me to what the locals consider the best taco in all of Mexico? You bet. 

Published Tuesday, September 25, 2012 10:49 AM by Faby Delgado


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