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Pitch it all and move to Mexico? Jonathan Ellerby did - here's how

By: Mother Nature Network

Source: www.mnn.com

Jonathan Ellerby

Jonathan Ellerby, PhD has done what many dream of, but few have the courage to actually do; to create radical change in his own life by pursuing a feeling that there was something out there he was meant to do. He is currently the CEO for Tao Inspired Living, a wellness center and community in the beautiful Riviera Maya in Mexico. Already a successful author and leader in the wellness and spirituality business, Ellerby was also working at the renowned Canyon Ranch resort when he decided to make a move that many questioned. Coming out the other side of the experience, he shared with me how he made the choices he did, and what led him down this new path. (For more, check out "The Promise of Paradise," the book he wrote about the experience):

MNN: First off, how did you get involved in the health and healing world, and what made you want to reincarnate that work when you were already doing it so successfully? 

Jonathan Ellerby:  I started off as a young person with a fascination for healing and spirituality. I had this natural questioning soul and was interested in how people and the universe work. That took me down a long path of adventure and travels around the world, university degrees, and finding what is most meaningful to people and how we heal. 


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