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Mexico's Property Tax

By: Baja Good Life


In Mexico, the property taxes that have to be paid on a yearly basis are called predial. As compared to other parts of North America, property taxes in Mexico are low. The amount due varies significantly depending on the area where the property is located. However, the sum will always be less than 1% of the property value, which might be as low as a couple of hundreds of dollars per year.

The state calculates the tax according to a simple mechanism. First of all, they assess the value of a plot and determine the general rate based on which the calculation will be made. The value of the property estimated by the government is substantially lower than the actual price that has been paid by the person who purchased the property, especially in the areas preferred by foreigners. This rate is evaluated by taking into consideration various factors: topography, urban facilities, and services available in the area. Once the rate is determined, the state will multiply it with the size of the land in meters and issue a bill with the resulting amount.



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