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Tijuana Experiences a Gourmet Renaissance

By: Richard Adams



javier Plascencia finishes a dish.

To most Americans, the chorus from a Manu Chao song pretty much sums it up, "Welcome to Tijuana, tequila, sexo, marijuana...." For decades, Tijuana has just been known, at best, as a place for tacky souvenirs, cheap tequila shots and ladies of the night.

"It's a whole new Tijuana, it's full of energy, young people, artists, and of course the cooking and the chefs," says Javier Plascencia, one of the chefs leading Baja's new culinary movement. He's part of a prominent family that owns 10 restaurants in Tijuana and San Diego. But Plascencia's newest, Mision 19, may be the most striking and ambitious spot in town.





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