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Popotla Fishing Village – Off the Beaten Track

By: Susan A. Mahalick

Source: SanDiegoRed.com 



Many have heard of Puerto Nuevo, a lobster village, an adventure in eating experiences. Few, however, have the same pleasure of knowing Popotla, Km 38. Just south of Baja Studios there is an arch and a dirt road leading into a little village full of tiny eateries and curio shops. Unlike Puerto Nuevo, much more than lobster is served up, caught only minutes or hours before it is served to you. The entire village can be walked in a mere twenty minutes.

My friends and I went on Saturday night, arriving at about 5:30 to be there before it could get too cold with the arrival of the marine layer. We passed by many vehicles parked on the side of the road, driving forward despite their presence. We were rewarded by getting guided into a parking space adjoining La Costa restaurant. The close by parking decided our eating establishment for us. A table awaited complete with umbrella at the water's edge. The waves were rolling in and the sun was sparkling on the water. Seabirds abounded. The waves crashed onto the rocky shore.



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