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HIGHLIGHTS on G20 summit meeting in Mexico



LOS CABOS, Mexico June 19 - The following are highlights of comments by leaders and officials at the Group of 20 summit meeting in the Mexican beach resort of Los Cabos on Tuesday.



"If I had to sum up the mood, the atitude that prevailed in the discussions it would be that the Europeans, and we supporting them, wanted more Europe, not less Europe. More integration, not less integration. More collaboration, not less collaboration."

On protectionism:

"There was a significant discussion about protectionism, there was a very broad consensus about rejecting protectionism and the need to extend the 'standstill' clause. There was resistance from some countries, but over and above that we did manage to get a consensus and arrive at an agreement."



"There has to be parallel track of addressing immediate issues and provide adequate crisis management tools to deal with issues, while at the same time identifying very clearly what is needed for the long term, as well as the political collective determination to do so."

"It doesn't matter if it takes a long time, it has got to be done well, but the two have to operate in parallel: the crisis management tools and the indication now by what the collective political determination is in order to build this better union that many European want."



"I think they (the European leaders) also understand that the longer there's a failure to act comprehensively and dramatically on these measures, the greater the risk of ongoing lack of growth in the European area."


"What will be important, what we'll be watching for next week and going forward will be the concerted, coordinated action that will actually make these things happen."


"The range of specific actions that are outlined by European leaders in the declaration are quite comprehensive and quite important, and if they're acted on in a timely manner will be quite effective."



"We had a very intensive discussion about the different risks for a sustainable growth."


"There are various fields which cause concern, which include the issue of budget-consolidation in the U.S. an the economic policy in some emerging-countries."


On pressure on Europeans:

"It is obvious that we have problems in the euro zone, and that it is necessary to act ... but the important thing is ... that we (the Europeans) have made clear that we are determined to act."


On Greece:

"I have talked to (IMF chief Christine) Lagarde yesterday. I asked her to get the next troika-delegation pretty fast to Greece."

"Before acting we now at first have to wait for the results of the troika-mission. The rules have to be followed."




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