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“STAY Where You Are,” Says the Government...

Hi Friend, In the 2012 GOP Primary for President, Congressman Ron Paul made a suggestion that was laughed at. But now it doesn’t seem so funny...

EVG Research Team here.

And what Congressman Paul suggested was that a border fence might be used to keep Americans IN rather than immigrants out.

Those who laughed clearly don’t get it.

When a country is overloaded with debt...

...has a currency that loses value by the day...

... and is threatened by the prospect of sky-high interest rates...

...that country gets desperate.

And the United States is looking like a desperate country these days.

So when the dam breaks, hold onto your hats... and your cash, gold, silver, weapons, possessions and wealth. Because there’s nothing a desperate government won’t try to take.

And that’s what makes a new bill passed by the US Senate so frightening. It’s Senate Bill 1813, otherwise known as the “Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act.”

And it wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for...

The Small Print That Forbids You
From Leaving the Country

Sen. Barbara Boxer added text to Senate Bill 1813 bill that can deny, limit or void your passport if you’re accused of owing back taxes.

You don’t have to be found guilty of tax evasion. And you don’t get a day in court. All it takes is the IRS filing a lien or levy against you for owing more than $50,000.

Once accused and your passport taken, you have no means of leaving the country. Especially if they build a fence to keep you in.

It’s no wonder constitutional lawyers are screaming about a lack of due process.

The message is clear. The US congress wants to limit the travel of its citizens ahead of the greatest wealth transfer in history.

This could get ugly.

The Best Move Going Forward

The bill presents itself as “Moving Ahead for Progress.” But it seems more like a move towards a police state.

Your best move forward is to prepare yourself for an out-of-control government that panics during the coming economic chaos.

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The EVG Research Team



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