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Mexico Surging Ahead in Convention Tourism

Original Article Text From The News Mexico:

Nation Advances on Tourism

Secretairt of Tourism Gloria Guevara Manzo said that Mexico went from 22nd place to 20th in 2011 on the rankings list published by the Congress and Convention Association.

The ICCA also ranked Mexico at 16th place for the number of visitors to the country within the convention sector. In 2010, Mexico was ranked at 31 on the world list. At the IMEX Frankfurt 2012 travel-trade show, Guevara Manzo said ‘ Economic Impact 2011 Study indicates that 23 million people participated in conferences, generating 24.2 million hotel check-ins.

Guevara Manzo said that conferences and events in Mexico brought in more than 18.1 billion dollars and created 783,700 jobs. A document from the Sectur shows thatincome from conventions, conferences, and events held in Mexico totalled 1.43 percent of GDP.

During Guevara Manzo’s participation at the IMEX Frankfurt exhibition, she noted that 67 percent of organized events are corporate functions, while 14 percent are conferences and conventions. She said, “Mexico has diversified tourism products and the convention and conference sector has a strategic place in defining these changes, but ultimately it is the quality of our services and the hospitality of our people that distinguishes Mexico.”

Mexico has facilitated entrance for tourists through the acceptance of U.S. visas, using new technology to approve visas online, and new construction and infrastructure development specifically for the tourism industry.



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