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Mexico leading the way for energy change

Mexico's new law leading the way for energy change

by Jerico Espinas • April 30, 2012 


Canada and the US should take a closer look at their southern sister nation’s environmental protocols. Last week, Mexico’s senate approved a groundbreaking climate and energy law, becoming the second country in the world to approve strict guidelines for environmental sustainability. Initially passing Mexico’s lower house with a 128-for and 10-against vote, the Senate approved the bill with a unanimous 78-0 vote on April 19th. Mexico’s President, Felipe Calderon, is set to finalize the bill in the near future.

The bill sets to motion several measures that not only promote sustainable development, but also the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in key energy sectors. Some of the key points of the bill include:


·        30% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions from 2000 levels by 2020; from there, a 50% total reduction of emissions by 2050


·        35% of electricity to come from renewable energy sources by 2024


he creation of a national system that reports emission levels on various government and economic sectors



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