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Americans Continue to Travel to Mexico


Americans Continue to Travel to Mexico

Updated: Thursday, 05 Apr 2012, 8:53 AM MST
Published : Thursday, 05 Apr 2012, 8:53 AM MST

PHOENIX - Many times, traveling to Mexico may get a bad wrap, but a new look at the numbers shows that Americans are still traveling to Mexico in record numbers. 

And it's not just anywhere in Mexico that we're talking about. The numbers show Cancun is still the No. 1 spot for American travelers. 

There have been many questionable crime reports and it doesn't seem to be stopping Americans from going to Mexico for a vacation -- 20 million Americans each year.

Mexico is relatively cheap, beautiful and close.

Last year, American tourism to Mexico slipped 3 percent, but the country still remains, by far, the biggest tourist destination for Americans. 

A survey found that if people are staying away, it's not only violence they are concerned about, it's finances that are keeping them at home. 

The hottest spot for American visitors to Mexico is Cancun.

The state department does warn that if you plan to travel to Mexico, there are certain areas that are more dangerous, including Acapulco and Mazatlan. 

Travelers are also advised to stay near resorts and not to travel at night.

Fox 10’s Diane Ryan talks to some locals to see if they would travel south of the border.


Published Friday, April 13, 2012 1:51 PM by David Biondolillo


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