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A Life of Wellness and Wealthiness in Mexico

A wealthy life is a long and functional life.  In everything we do, we seek to improve the quality of the waking moments we spend interacting with and living as a part of an ever-changing reality.  Our wealth is the subjective evaluation we make in every moment of the quality of that endlessly reproducing experience and interaction with the world.  By increasing our wealth, we increase the quality of our lives and our capacity to live.

Wellness and wealthiness are created and affected both internally and externally.  Most people make the dreadful mistake of endlessly struggling to improve and extrapolate upon their external circumstances, while all the while utterly neglecting and ignoring their internal mental selves and bodily design.  Either internal or external improvement without the other is ultimately fruitless and unsatisfying; however, both made better in conjunction with one another forms a powerful and fortified bond of ability to act and utmost satisfaction with one’s actions.

We started promoting property ownership in and expatriation to the most desirable areas of Mexico as a way to improve the external circumstances in the lives of Americans looking for an unknown and affordable life of serenity and affluence.  We understand how crucial the roles of culture, climate, social atmosphere, food, recreation, and luxury are to the maintenance of an exceptional life.   These external factors invariably start to shape our internal factors as well, such as our physiological and psychological health.

Living under sub-ideal settings leaves our bodies weary.  Chemical-ridden and nutrient-sparse daily diets, polluted airs, and stress-inducing occupations take their toll on the human figure.  It is no secret that America has quickly became the obesity and diabetes capital of the world.  But it is important to know that we are not totally powerless in the struggle for sanity and abundant wellness.

Baja123 Real Estate strongly believes in and endorses a healthier diet and lifestyle switch to our friends and clients who have made the brave and rewarding move to Mexico.  We’ll be following up in the future with a lot more from some of our own research into the science and secrets of living an optimally healthy and wealthy life in Mexico or anywhere in the world, as well as telling you about some of our favorite tools and products to help others in the journey to an active and detoxified way of living.  Only by maintaining our bodies and minds can we live life to the fullest, for the longest, and generate the most personal wealth in our lives in whatever form it may ultimately take.



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