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Mexico: A Wonderful Place to Live

Why Mexico?
Mexico is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and it is a fantastic place in which to live.  
The reasons are many but a few are the beaches, the weather, the food, the fun… but most of all the culture. When you arrive in Mexico you will be greeted by warm and friendly people that welcome you to their country and hope that you will enjoy yourself while you are there. As you travel through the country you will find that each city has its own personality and you will probably find a few favorites that you will want to return to visit and one that you will want to call home.
Mexico’s proper name is “The United Mexican States”. It is a federal constitutional republic located in North America. It is bordered on the north by the United States, on the west by the Pacific Ocean; on the south by Guatemala and Belize, and on the east by the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea.




Video about Mexico

Mexico is the United States’ closest neighbor to the south, and at no other time in the long history of that relationship have the benefits of living and investing in Mexico been better.  Many retirees from around the world consider Mexico to be their first choice when considering a new place to live. Mexico is one of the world’s top destinations for those dreaming of an exciting new life abroad. Mexico has it all: rich culture, affordable living, stable economy and affordable health care, beautiful history, fine art and superb restaurants. There are over 6,000 miles of coastline that are located in the latitudes that offer enjoyable weather, where it’s never too hot, never too cold.
Wherever you go in Mexico, the people will charm you, the natural beauty will seduce you, and the remarkable low costs of living will encourage you to stay.
Mexico is home to over 112 million people. That’s 112 million people that call Mexico their home, with many more coming to visit all the time.  One hundred twelve million people, all of whom are incredibly diverse in race, nationality, personality, yet all of those people have one thing in common: that they call Mexico their home.  
Many are born in Mexico; others come from abroad to start a new life or to retire from an old one elsewhere. However, one thing remains the same, that there is a vast majority of people that of their own free will choose Mexico above all else. They are naturally drawn to some specific quality of life that they can only find in Mexico and nowhere else.  
So, what is this indefinable quality that Mexico possesses? What certain charm or je ne sais quoi is exuded by this country that so pulls people towards it? What is the draw and is there a catch? The answer is of course that there is no catch, only a unique way of life; one that appeals to many.
Taking It Easy
Mexico is both a popular place for those that want something new – and potentially exciting – from life and for those that want to take a break from the proverbial “fast lane” attitude that a lot of other countries exhibit. It is for these reasons that Mexico can be an ideal place to both start afresh or to retire to; with those that are “go getters” and those that just want to lie around on a sofa bed all day, being appeased in equal quantities.  
Mexico is a place where a person can slow down, relax, and learn to enjoy simply living for the sake of living. Things might go a little slower, but there is nothing disorganized or lazy about it. Life is short, it needs to be enjoyed, and the slower Mexican pace of life has resonated within the hearts of the many that are proud to call it their home. On the flipside, Mexico is a place where one can find the drive necessary to do whatever needs to be done, be it working hard or relaxing hard, but it is about keeping life in perspective while at the same time enjoying it.  
Low Cost of Living
Taking it easy is a luxury that is easily affordable in Mexico because – well – everything else is rather more affordable than it otherwise should be as well. Those at home in Mexico tend to find that – at least comparable to other places – their money stretches much further, allowing them a certain quality of life that might be harder to achieve elsewhere, such is one of the principle draws to life in Mexico.  
Not only does one find that the food budget can cover a whole lot more than in other countries, but things such as taxes are not as high as one might expect. With living prices down and the quality of life up, inhabitants can hardly be to blame for taking it so easily.  
With finances being what they are, it is also entirely possible to hire help, such as a maid or gardener. These accoutrements to life only serve to aid you in appreciating life as they in turn free up more time for you to pursue hobbies, plan activities more extensively, read, do sports, or otherwise appreciate such luxuries in life that you might not have otherwise been able to in a place that wasn’t Mexico. Mexico can work the miracle of providing you with all of the things that you might have never known you were missing, freeing up the time and the lifestyle needed for you to fully appreciate and enjoy the finer things in life, such as “living”.  
In summation, the aforementioned reasons are chief contributing factors as to why choosing to live in Mexico can be a great boon to one’s own life. However, they should not be the only reasons behind a move to Mexico. Certainly the lifestyle and the cost of living should be predominant, but also combined with a love of the culture, people, and not to mention the climate, a person can find everything they have been searching for, right here in Mexico.
Published Wednesday, April 4, 2012 3:01 PM by David Biondolillo


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