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5,000,000 Americans Could Migrate To Mexico And Latin American In the Next 10-15 Years

Source EscapeArtist Aug 11,2011

The 'Tipping Point' and "The Global Mass Migration"

It has been speculated, and it is very possible given the economic crisis that 5,000,000+ Americans will migrate to Mexico and Latin America over the next 10-15 years taking their "201-K's", their Chia pets, their RV's and comic book collections with them. People will move for a variety of reasons; to find international companionship, a new career, personal and financial privacy, better quality of life, lower healthcare costs, and/or reduced taxation.

Econ-futurists are evangelizing that this unprecedented 'global mass migration and a coming generational storm' could manifest in an inevitable 'Tipping Point' of the largest financial default in the history of mankind. Will the "mass migration' of Americans to Latin America and hundreds of billions in retirements accounts and future tax revenues exiting the US threatens the economic livelihood of the USA? The future is uncertain, but one thing is for sure, an 'Escape Plan' should be on the drawing board.

Do the math! 5 million people times an average of $100,000 in assets is $500 Billion dollars in lost wealth. Is this the reason for the USA to fuel a 'Media War' along the US Mexico border? Would America do something so morally wrong to slow down or prevent cross border capital flows? A higher cost of money on debt that the USA could not afford to pay previously, provides the script for a story much bigger than the Maddoff debacle. Will the US dupe Canada, Mexico and the rest of Latin America into the creation of a Euro type currency called the Ameri-Dollar so the US Treasury could monitor all cash inflows and outflows in all of North and South America? Only time will tell...the question is how much will it cause you to suffer?

One thing is for sure...Mexico and it's Latin sisters have an unprecedented opportunity to position themselves as leading retirement destinations and home to tens of millions of people worldwide.

The sun is shining on the affordable beaches of Latin America!

Latin American countries with their abundance of natural resources, warm weather, low cost of living and affordable real estate possess a great appeal for North Americans. The Tourism Boards and respective Investment Promotion Agencies possess an unprecedented window of opportunity to grab massive marketshare and as it relates to social and economic investment.  Tourism Boards are aggressively rolling out the welcome mat to North Americans in the wake of this financial uncertainty and growing fear that the USA will become the next Argentina or Greece.

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