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Mexican President announces $4 billion energy storage facility for Baja California

Mexican President announces $4 billion energy storage facility for Baja California


Mexico’s President, Felipe Calderon, proudly announced recently that Rubenius, a Dubai-based alternative energy and smart grid enabler, is expanding into Baja California (Mexico). The move, which has been accompanied by the establishment of a new R&D facility in San Diego (US), signals a significant investment in real estate and smart grid utility infrastructure, making Rubenius a major player in alternative energy in North America.

"This is the kind of collaboration we should be doing more of among Mexico, the United States and private businesses from around the world. Our two countries offer business markets and workers who are second to none. With our efforts to accelerate the use of alternative energy it is an area of tremendous focus. I commend Rubenius for participating in the roll out of alternative energy and products that help us use the power grid more efficiently," stated President Calderon.

Rubenius plans to construct a $4 billion (€3 billion) storage facility for electricity in the Mexican-border state of Baja California. The company’s Chairman, Claus Rubenuis, recently revealed in a phone interview with Bloomberg that the warehouse will have a capacity of 1,ooo MW and will use sodium sulphide energy storage batteries to serve around 800,000 homes in Mexico and the US.

Finding a home for solar and wind energy

Rubenius explained that the energy store will be located in Baja California’s capital, Mexicali, will be financed using “private funds, government funds and… various debt instruments”, and will have the capacity to store power generated on both sides of the border, where wind and solar plants are being built.

It will be located on 140 hectares of land on Silicon Border’s Science Park - developed for manufacturing high technology products. This location was chosen because of its existing infrastructure and close proximity to both the Baja California power grid and the US grid, including the new Sunrise Power Grid expansion.

Rubenuis reveals that initial projects will include “the utility-scale battery installation that enables optimisation of power in the region for both countries”. In the United Arab Emirates, a Rubenius subsidiary, the Amplex Group, has already installed and commissioned the largest energy storage system in the world.

The company will also establish a base for future power generation and manufacturing of other alternative energy and smart grid products at Silicon Border that are currently under development and are being reviewed by North American Customers in both countries.

"After meetings with Mexico’s President Calderon and the Minister of Economy, Bruno Ferrari, as well as various communities in Mexico, we felt a manufacturing base in Baja California will enable us to address markets throughout North America," said Claus Rubenius, CEO and founder of Rubenius. "Furthermore, we believe the regional approach to become a mega center of energy and technology on the border of Mexico and San Diego is the best way to capitalize on the strengths of the people and both countries."

Taking smart grids to another level

In addition to the energy storage site and future manufacturing in Mexico, Rubenius will establish a research and development centre in San Diego (US). The California location will include labs for smart grid products and services. The Company expects to immediately employ more than 60 researchers, expanding to more than 200 employees for current products. The Company will outsource many operations creating more than 400 additional green jobs in the region.

"We are elated that Rubenius has chosen Baja California for its manufacturing and design center," said Governor Osuna of Baja California. "With our universities working closely with Rubenius, we will not only be competitive, but we will participate in creating the next generation renewable energy solutions and efficient delivery of electricity to consumers."

With offices in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Shanghai, Johannesburg and Moscow, Rubenius aims to become the world leader in renewable energy generation and efficient distribution of energy, and sustainability enabling products. It currently employs more than 1,900 people.

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Published Wednesday, December 15, 2010 9:13 AM by Kanoa Biondolillo


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