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Inside Information That Will Save You $10,000's


Inside Information That Will Save You $10,000's

We Have Inside Information On Distressed and Foreclosed Oceanfront and Ocean View Homes In Mexico
 Not found on the WEB

Want access to some of the best real estate deals not found on the web? You can spend hours looking through our website trying to find that perfect property for the perfect price or you can contact our distressed home and foreclosure specialist and have her find it for you.

Here is why you will not be able find that great deals on the Internet or the website by yourself.

Why Developers won't advertise it...

The developer will not advertise it as a distressed sale or a "Take Back" because they do not want to lower the value of the rest of their inventory. What the developer will do is inform the best agents in the area and tell them that if they have any potential buyers to please let them know, but whatever they do they cannot advertise or publish the distressed properties' price. If these prices got out, it would lower the value of their entire new inventory.

How do you benefit from buying a distressed home or a "Take Back" from a developer's inventory?

In most cases there has already been a deposit forfeited on a specific unit. This automatically brings down the cost of that unit price to you. Another great benefit: Instant equity on installed upgrades, meaning that you could be walking into a unit that has had upgrades that have been fully paid for and installed, which will give you additional equity in the unit. These upgrades can usually be negotiated at a significant reduction or as in most cases they are just thrown into the deal.

Now what about distressed home owners that need to sell immediately so they price their property aggressively?

We get phone calls at our office all the time from people for whatever reason need to sell fast!

You usually will never even see these hit the website because they are sold before they can even be listed. If they do hit the website what will happen is multiple offers will come in and the property will have a small bidding war and will be sold to the most qualified buyer within days of it being listed. Once again your chances of even hearing about these are very slim.

How do these people find out about these deals and how are they informed when these types of deals become available? Are they just lucky? Do they just stumble upon them?

The answer to this is typically "no".

The sophisticated and smart buyers know that answer and they are always the first to find out and the first to be able to take advantage of these deals.

You need to have and experienced professional distressed home and foreclosure agent.

Not all agents are the same and don't believe for a second that you can just pick up the phone and call any agent and get the results you are looking for. It takes years of experience, contacts, and local knowledge to be able to find the really great deals.

Our company has that agent and we would like to be able to offer you her services. She will not be able to work with everyone and the people that she does choose to work with will have to be pre-qualified.

Everyday I watch clients stumbling around with an unqualified agent who barley knows the area much less the product. Most of the time the client knows more than the agents. What a scary situation for the client! Not only are your chances of finding the right property extremely limited but what happens when it's time to negotiate on terms and price. Do you want an agent to be practicing on you? What if this is the first or second time they have ever negotiated a property? Or do you want an agent with talent and experience that has the ability to save you $10,000's or more because they know the real bottom line for that property?

If you are interested and think you are the right person we have the agent for you.

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Want Just One Example?

"Developers Take Back"

SOLD FOR $550,000 
BUY IT NOW $450,000 USD $35,000 USD in Upgrades Included

La Jolla View
La Jolla Penthouse View
La Jolla Penthouse


This is a one of a kind 
OPPORTUNITY, the ocean views and gorgeous finishes of this Penthouse will take your breath away. This is one of the most luxurious units in the development.

La Jolla del Mar consists of two magnificent oceanfront towers and 13 oceanfront villas;


  • $35,000 USD in Upgrades Included
  • Travertine floors, Venetian Walls, Gourmet kitchen
  • Wrap around balcony / 180 degree view's
  • Beautiful lobby area and 24 hr front desk
  • Ample parking
  • Outdoor spa
  • Heated pools with sun deck overlooking the ocean
  • Children's Pool and playground area
  • Pool Pavilion includes wet bar, grilling facilities
  • Private Resident's Club for entertaining/relaxing
  • Private fitness center
  • Casa club
  • Magnificent Oceanfront clubhouse
  • 3 Jacuzzis
  • Tennis Court
  • Beautiful Gardens
  • Dramatic garden sections
  • 24 Hr Security
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