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14 Tips for Moving Internationally Without Falling in the Ocean

By Phyllis & Colle Davis / Oct 10 • Categorized as Living Overseas  

A Checklist Worth Checking

If you’re unhappy with the Bulls, the Bears and the Cubs, you have options and one of them is leaving the upper Midwest and heading to foreign lands. Hey, you can still cheer for your favorite team while you’re living on a tropical island close to the equator. A fan’s a fan for life, even if they can’t win the pennant (think Cubbies).

When you’ve finally had enough of your favorite sports team, and the long cold winters of the Midwest have chilled you to the bone for the last time, it may be time for you to pack your bags and head to your own EscapeArtist paradise. Yes, it takes advance planning and a professional moving company to help you with the logistics (so you don’t have to do it yourself), so here are 14 suggestions for international moving, courtesy of Midwest International Shipping.

1 - Plan ahead using a very low-tech solution: A very large shoe box and two yellow tablets. You will be making copious notes, lists and phone numbers for embassies, and consulates, plus you’ll also need the number for your personal relocation consultant to answer any questions you have about your move.

    You’ll need ‘the box’ because even a large envelope is simply too small to hold all the documents you’ll need for an international move. Keep all your receipts, notes, directions and documents in the box because you may need them again when you get ‘there.’

    2 - Begin to collect all your important documents and put them in ‘the box’:

      • Original passports and at least two complete photo copies of each passport
      • Extra copies of certified birth certificates
      • A certified copy of your marriage license (if married)
      • Some countries want proof of your current residency through an original copy (not a photocopy) of a utility bill, so be prepared to provide this document
      • Some countries also want proof of solvency and require at least 3 months of bank statements
      • If you need to renew your passport, do it now, because some counties do not allow you to enter the country unless you have at least six months ‘left’ on your passport.

      3 - Begin planning your move the moment you know your move date to obtain visas, permits, and licenses and again, put them in ‘the box’ so you can find them quickly.

        4 - Make a doctor’s appointment for a physical examination. Ask your doctor about any necessary vaccinations you may need for your destination country as well as refills for prescription drugs to last you several months after you arrive. It’s also a good idea to ask your doctor for a copy of your medical records to take with you.

          5 - If you have pets, check the quarantine requirements (if any) for them to be allowed into the country. Take your pets to the vet for their vaccinations and request copies of their immunization records (for ‘the box’).

            6 - Schedule disconnects for all utilities, gym memberships, magazines, video clubs, organizations, and terminate home and auto insurance policies. Make arrangements for a mail service to forward your mail.

              7 - Now begins the fun part: The Big Purge. If you’re moving to warm climate, sell or give away your cold-winter clothes; you will not need them. Consider leaving behind items that you’re tired of looking at, and you’re ready to abandon.

                8 - Consult with your personal relocation consultant at Midwest International Shipping to inquire about taxes, duties or restrictions involved if you are shipping your vehicle overseas.

                  9 - Now it’s time to ask the shipping company to book a future date for their professional packers to come to your home prior to your move.

                    10 - Check on power supply on voltage and cycles in your new country if you plan to take your television, washer/dryer, computers, microwave, etc. In many cases, it would be less expensive to purchase new ones rather than converting the power for your current appliances. Consider selling or donating your old appliances prior to your move.

                      11 - Again, plan ahead and realize that after the shipping company packs and moves your household items, you’ll need a place to stay while you’re waiting for your shipment to arrive. Research hotels in your new country and find someplace to stay during this time so you can rest and explore your new city.

                        12 - Study the currency in your new country and become familiar with the exchange rate and denominations.

                          13 - Make arrangements with your current bank to continue working with them by Internet. And, call your credit card companies and tell them you’re moving and that your card will reflect charges from your new location.

                            14 - Pack personal items you plan to take with you on the airplane and make arrangements to be taken to the airport on the day of your departure.

                              A professional moving company’s job is to find the most efficient method to ship your goods to your new location:

                              • They will handle customs documents, packing lists, export declarations, bills of lading and any other documentation you may need.
                              • They offer free basic insurance coverage with full replacement and valuation coverage options available. Your personal consultant will help find the right options for you.
                              • They provide basic supplies to custom packing, tagging, crating and padding.
                              • And, they offer free storage for up to one month, low monthly rates thereafter in clean, climate controlled storage areas.

                              Final and last point make sure that the international moving services are charged at a guaranteed rate determined by the destination of the move and the volume of shipment.

                              If you are looking for a reliable shipping company, Escapeartist recommends Midwest Shipping. For a free online quote about moving to a new location, contact Midwest International Shipping.


                              Published Saturday, October 30, 2010 5:02 PM by Kanoa Biondolillo


                              # re: 14 Tips for Moving Internationally Without Falling in the Ocean

                              Wednesday, November 17, 2010 10:57 PM by victor ramirez

                              my wife and i just purchased a condo in rosarito and my question is we are only 2 hours away and will be doing our moving ourselves - we purchased a dinnette table and chairs from a private party also bought used futon couch along with balcony furniture and as couple of beds -what or how much can be transfered to mexico and what kind of tariffs will be assessed on the stuff we are taking accross the border do we need reciepts cause we paid peennys on the dollar for our furniture - please respond asap at arowbay@yahoo.com thank you

                              # re: 14 Tips for Moving Internationally Without Falling in the Ocean

                              Thursday, November 18, 2010 9:14 AM by Kanoa Biondolillo

                              Hello victor,

                              Most of your questions about moving to Mexico can be answered here on our website.

                              MEXICO LIVING AND RESOURCES


                              Welcome to mexico!

                              # re: 14 Tips for Moving Internationally Without Falling in the Ocean

                              Friday, November 26, 2010 4:19 AM by victor ramirez

                              to move furniture into mexico do you have to wait 24hrs to to get the ok after paying the 175•00?

                              # re: 14 Tips for Moving Internationally Without Falling in the Ocean

                              Friday, November 26, 2010 9:25 AM by Kanoa Biondolillo

                              I am not sure of the exact rules it has been a long time since we did it.  What I do remember is that we were able to get our paperwork done the same day because we had a mover with a full truck.  I think they did something special for us at the time to get the paperwork through so we didn't have to wait.  The mover we used guided us through the whole process.  This was just because we were doing the one time "no importation fee" move.  If you are just bringing furniture and you want to pay the duty you can do it the same day at customs declare line.

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