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U.S. Rotary Club Sponsors Rosarito Event To Show The Region Is Safe For Visitors

ROSARITO BEACH, BAJA CALIFORNIA, MEXICO---The Rotary Club of Cambria, California is co-sponsoring with its Rosarito counterpart a Nov. 14 beach maintenance day --- but its main purpose is to show this area is safe for U.S. visitors.

“Any beach can benefit from a clean-up day, but the ones here are maintained very nicely,” said Bruce Howard, past president of the Cambria club. “Our main goal in bringing Rotary members down is to help correct misperceptions in the U.S.”

Howard, who has a vacation home in Rosarito, said media coverage of the Mexican government’s aggressive crackdown on drug cartels has created the impression among many in the U.S. that the area is unsafe for visitors.

“Those of us who love this area and visit it often know that is not true,” Howard said. “But unfortunately the perception is seen as reality by many and it has badly hurt the economy and many people here.”

“We’re hoping events like this and others we are planning involving club members and their families will help spread a more accurate perception in the U.S.,” Howard said.

“It’s also a great way to strengthen our relationship with clubs in Mexico,” he added. “Many members of California Rotary clubs and their families love this area and have enjoyed visiting here for decades.”

Rosarito Beach Mayor Hugo Torres praised the Cambria club’s effort and expressed his gratitude.

“This is a bad time to be involved with organized crime in Mexico,” said Torres. “But for our millions of visitors the area is as safe or safer than ever. Still, it is difficult to overcome negative perceptions.”

“We are extremely grateful to the Cambria Rotary Club and other U.S. groups who love Rosarito and have stepped forward to help us convey an accurate picture,” Torres added. “We know they are among our best ambassadors in the U.S.”

Participants in the beach maintenance day will meet at 10 a.m. on Saturday, Nov. 14 on the beach in front of the Rosarito Beach Hotel.

One group will head south, towards Rene’s Campo, while the other group will head north to clean up as much of the beach as possible during the two-hour event, according to Edson Ruiz, the President of the Rotary Club of Rosarito.

Ruiz is asking all youth and service groups, clubs and organizations in the area, including members of Rosarito’s large expatriate community, to participate.

Further information on the event, including lodging discounts, is available by contacting  Jack George at; jeg925@yahoo.com or, in the U.S., Bruce Howard at; bruce@brucehowardrealtor.com. 


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Published Tuesday, October 27, 2009 2:25 PM by Kanoa Biondolillo


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