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Rosarito Group Seeks Funds To Expand Drug Prevention Program In City Schools

ROSARITO BEACH, BAJA CALIFORNIA, MEXICO---A non-profit group is being formed to raise money to expand drug prevention efforts to children in the city’s school system.

“It’s easier to prevent the children from becoming involved in drugs than it is to deal with crime and rehabilitation later,” said Victor Padilla, who has been appointed by Mayor Hugo Torres to lead the effort.

“This is an extremely important program for the future of our youth and our city,” Mayor Torres said. “We have noticed an increase in attempts to sell drugs near schools.”

Much of crime that occurs anywhere is drug related, Padilla added.

The group’s immediate goal is to raise about $8,000 so that an additional eight Rosarito police officers can be sent to the 15-day training session to become certified as instructors in the Drug Abuse Resistance Education program (DARE).

Two Rosarito officers currently are certified.

DARE was founded in the United States in 1983 and is now offered in 75 percent of U.S. school districts plus 43 countries throughout the world, including 85 cities in Mexico.

The program includes education efforts in schools to teach children the dangers of drug involvement, plus emphasis on positive after-school activities. Rosarito also wants to expand its DARE program to work more with parents, Padilla said.

Rosarito has offered DARE since 1990 --- when the city still was part of Tijuana, he said, and hopes soon to have an office for the program at City Hall.

Local groups including the Footprinters, a law enforcement support organization, have been very supportive of the effort, Padilla said, and he wants to talk to other groups in Rosarito to tell them about the program and help raise money.

Anyone interested in having Padilla speak or in donating to Rosarito’s DARE program can contact him at 664-105-3459.


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Published Wednesday, September 23, 2009 8:54 AM by Kanoa Biondolillo
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# Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

Wednesday, December 9, 2009 5:51 AM by Peter Fowler, retired gringo living in Rosarito Beach

I was shocked to hear credible doctors and successful businessmen say that drugs should be legalized. Then I found www.leap.cc and I changed my mind. I now support law officers against prohibition.

Perhaps it could be in two steps, the first being to legalize marijuana, a non-addictive substance. More marijuana crosses the border than any other. Eliminating the market should eliminate the venders.

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