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Ocean View Lots available- No Interest, Low Down- Make an appointment today

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Quick note:
The LOTS below are a great investment for ANYONE.  Whether you are an investor, vacationer, retiree or re-locating all together- these lots are a good idea. 
Please read through the 3 "Reasons to Invest" below.

Tip:  Anything in Green is where you MAKE MONEY.

Call me to book an appointment when you solidify a date to come down.
Kimberly Wherley & Amanda Cavitt
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REASONS TO INVEST #1: 25% Discount to Baja123 Clients
Lots In RosaritoSoymar (the name of the development) is offering ocean and mountain view lots at a 25% discount to all Baja123 clients. HURRY- this discount is only available to the first 25 buyers.

In buying the lot now- your lot is already worth 25% MORE!  You have already made money.

For Example:
Developer Listing Price: $24,865.00
Baja123.com's Price: $18,649.00
You Save: $6,216.00

Subtract your Down Payment of 20%($3729.75)- and you made: $2,486.25
REASONS TO INVEST #2: 0% Interest
Lots In RosaritoThese lots have developer financing for 6 years at 0% interest.  Your very nice, new friends over at Soymar are happy to loan you money for FREE!

-  No credit check.

-  Take possession of the lot at 20% down!

-  Reserve your piece of Mexico today!

Refer a friend-

I will give you $1000.00 toward the balance of your lot!

REASONS TO INVEST #3: Low Monthly Payments & MORE...
Lots In Rosarito

Depending on the size of the lot, your monthly payment could be as low as $170.00 /month!  (Remember: 80% of that money goes toward the principal.)

There are no HOA FEES at this moment.

When the sidewalks and services go in-
your investment could appreciate at least another $10,000.00...at least.

Other great facts about this property:

Buy the lot CASH- get it for even less!
Buy more than one lot- we can really work a deal!
Only 3 miles from the beach, shops, restaurants and more!
Affordable home packages available SOON!

760-203-2227  OR  760-666-9283
Your Down Payment could be

Refer 3 to 5 FRIENDS
CAN'T afford the down payment, but CAN afford the monthly payments?
Refer your friends that are interested and CAN buy TODAY.  As your friends purchase, I will hold the funds and put a hold on the lot of your choice.  Once you get enough referral funds in your account, I will credit it toward the down payment of the lot you want to buy.  GET STARTED TODAY! It's EASY as 1,2,3!:

1) Contact your friends and let them know about this opportunity.
    Important: Let them know I will be contacting them.

2) Send me an e-mail or call me with your friend's name, e-mail and
    phone number.

3) Sit back, relax and wait- I will let you know every time one of your
    friend's bought and your account was credited.
Offer Expires: October 15, 2009
**Accounts will be credited upon the deposit date of the down payment.  You have 2 months from the first referral's deposit date to refer and collect more money toward your down payment. Should you fail to gather the 20% within the 2 month time period- you have the following options: a) Pay the balance of the 20% that is due and sign the contract.; b) Forfeit the moneys that were credited to your account. There is a one-time $1000.00 credit per referral, regardless of the quantity of property they buy.  $1000.00 referral fee is only valid through a purchase at Soymar- or to be negotiated between you and your agent.


Published Tuesday, September 1, 2009 1:59 PM by Luis Urrea


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