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As Mexico Builds Punta Colonet Mega-Port, Values of Related Domains (Internet Addresses) Soar

Container ships will keep the new mega-port at Punta Colonet, Mexico, very busy.
2009-08-18 19:38:42 - 

The chance to turn $10 into thousands is rare, but then, how often does a nation commit billions of dollars to turn a sleepy fishing village into a mega-port and mega-city?

The opportunity to make fast money arises from Mexico’s decision to move ahead with long-delayed plans to start construction of a massive shipping port in the tiny town of Punta Colonet. The community sits on Mexico’s western Baja Peninsula, about 150 miles south of San Diego. The port will receive Asian cargo, which will be transferred to trains and trucks for shipment to U.S. cities. The new port is required because the two major Western U.S. ports, Los Angeles and Long Beach, are too small to handle growing imports from Asia, and they have no room to expand. 

Mexico Transportation and Communications Minister Juan Molinar Horcasitas announced yesterday that the 50 billion peso (nearly $4 billion U.S.) project will start within 30 days. He said four groups of engineering, transportation and development companies have bid for the work. The port will cover 7,000 acres and employ 80,000 workers; an entire city will be built from scratch to support it.

This emergence of an entire metropolis from nothing is what creates the instant-profit opportunity for individuals worldwide. 

In established cities, internet domains incorporating city names are valued by millions of businesses. Lawyers, restaurants, taxi services… companies in every line of business value city-related domains as powerful marketing tools. When people want a dentist in Los Angeles, they type “Los Angeles dentist” into Google; if you owned losangelesdentist.com, you’d be flooded with business. 

The problem is that all the good domains for most cities are already in use. But now we have Punta Colonet – a “virgin” domain opportunity. Anyone can create and register a new domain for under $10. If it’s a good one, you can resell it immediately for huge profits. For example, LosAngelesWeddings.com sold for $6,000 in June; VisitPanamaCityBeach.com went for $25,000 in July 2008; MidwestCity.com sold for $18,000 in April 2008; and SanJuan.com brought a cool $150,000 in November 2008. 

Some of the new mega-port city’s domains have been registered already, including PuntaColonetProperties.com, PuntaColonetJobs.com, PuntaColonetHomes.com, and MegapuertoDePuntaColonet.com for example. These and more are available for purchase fromWebTalkerPR@yahoo.com


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