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The Baja Tequila Dance Project!

A few years back, Baja was booming with popularity. You could hardly get a room at most hotels on a weekend unless you made reservations months in advance. The restaurants and taverns were full, and people were flocking to Baja in droves to retire and live the rest of their lives in Mexican bliss. Then the U.S. economy went belly up and things started to change pretty fast. The U.S. corporate media began sensationalizing stories about drug violence in Baja and how “dangerous” it was to come here. Before we knew it, our popular paradise by the Pacific, which is largely dependent on tourism, began to fall into what the local Mexicans call “La Crisis”. It´s been a rough year for Baja. Many businesses that did not have a strong local clientele didn´t survive and we lost so many of our beloved restaurants, hotels and shops, putting thousands of people out of work.

Last March, things were just beginning to improve. The media let up on their negative reporting about the drug violence, and there were signs that life was beginning to return to the peninsula with the arrival of warmer weather.

But then, news broke about the dreaded Swine Flu outbreak and Baja was once again plunged into an economic crisis like none it had ever seen before. We´ve been absolutely devastated by all the negative press generated by the U.S. corporate media.

Those of us who live here kept scratching our heads. When we looked around our beautiful Baja paradise, we didn´t see the so-called violence or even any swine flu cases, yet our families and friends refused to visit us and countless vacations were cancelled.

I began to think of how we could possibly combat all the negative media about Baja.

Then somebody sent me a link to a video on Youtube that was a commercial for T-Mobile that gave me a terrific idea. (watch T-Mobile commercial below). The commercial had hundreds of people in a popular London train station suddenly break out into a choreographed dance that dazzled and amazed unsuspecting bystanders. The video quickly went “viral” and before long, everyone was talking about it. Millions of people had seen it.

I thought, what if we did something like that here in Baja? It doesn´t have to be as grand or elaborate as the T-Mobile commercial, but there´s no reason why we can´t get a bunch of people together, teach them all a little line dance to a popular song and put it up on Youtube for everyone to see. How do we combat the corporate media´s coverage of Baja – with a little non-corporate media of our own!

I talked to a few neighbors and friends, secured their support for creating a Baja promo video inspired by the T-Mobil dance (as it is now known), and the Baja Tequila Project was born.

The project is not meant to be a political protest or demonstration against anything. It is merely a way to present a positive and fun image of Baja to the public that will hopefully inspire people to return to our community and help improve our damaged economy.

The video will be free and public on Youtube, so people can share it with friends, even post it on their websites if they want. All participants will be volunteers – no one is making any money off of this. (Not counting, of course, the local businesses who will benefit from Baja´s increased popularity)

Wouldn´t it be great if the Baja Tequila Dance were to become widely known around the world and people came to see the birthplace of such a sensational phenomenon?

If nothing else, it will be totally fun and a great way to do something positive and maybe even lose a few pounds in the process.

This sounds GREAT! How do I participate? CLICK HERE


Published Monday, July 6, 2009 10:56 AM by Luis Urrea


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