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This is why I live in Mexico

So last weekend my girlfriend asked me if she could take me out to dinner.  These being rough times and all I was defiantly up for a free meal and I always like it when she pays.
She has been telling me about this little fishing village by Fox Studios, a little bit south of Rosarito, Mexico, it is called Popotla.  I have driven by this place many times in the 4 years that I have lived in Mexico but for some reason I never stopped in. Popotla

To get to the restaurants you have to go down a small dirt road that is wide enough for about 1 ½ cars so you can imagine the maneuvering it takes with cars both entering and exiting.  No one seems to mind this and everyone but me seemed to think this was normal.  Once we get to the bottom of the road you can see that there are many small little seafood restaurants with people standing in front beckoning you in.  If you have ever been to Puerto Nuevo you will know what I am talking about.

Because she was driving we ended up going to the very end of the “Seafood Restaurant Row” as I like to call it.  If it was up to me I would have folded at the first restaurant flagging me down.

We walked into the restaurant and they brought us downstairs and sat us at a table that was so close to the water you could feel the mist from the waves.  I was thinking to myself that this was very cool.  The waitress immediately brought us chips and this absolutely delicious fire roasted salsa and a plate of steamed shrimp.  I had to ask my girlfriend if she ordered them but she didn’t, they come standard with your meal.  The menus came but my girlfriend didn’t even look at them and did most of the ordering in Spanish.  Since my Spanish isn’t that good I wasn’t to sure what she had ordered.

When the food came I was amazed to see 2 very large steamed crabs.  The meal also came with fresh tortillas rice and beans.  I have to tell you the food was incredibly fresh and it all tasted amazing.  These crabs were so big we couldn’t finish them.

Here comes the funny part.

She asked for the check and I heard them say it was 80 in what Spanish I do understand.  I thought to myself well that’s kind of expensive, I was thinking it was going to be around $50 or so but $80 was a little high.  I felt bad and offered to help with the bill; she looked at me and laughed.  The bill was 80 pesos which equaled about $6.00 U.S.  plus tip.

Even if I could have cooked this meal it would have cost me 3 times that just to buy the crabs and that doesn’t include all the time it would have taken to cook it all and then to clean up.  Trust me clean up after this meal is a must. There was crab flying everywhere as we were cracking them open and laughing as pieces of crab flew across the room.  I had to go home and hose off after a meal like that.  We had the best time and once again only in Mexico can you have an experience like this for under $10.00

This is why I live in Mexico!!!!

Published Wednesday, June 24, 2009 9:53 AM by Kanoa Biondolillo


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