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American retirees make a life in Mexico, cheaply

 We have been saying this for a long time.  It seems like it is starting to hit the main stream media.  Mexico isn't for everyone but it is defiantly for the person that wants to see their dollar stretched longer and enjoy their lives in a coastal community sipping margaritas and watching the sunset as the world works out all of the problems it is having.  This is a great article and we are starting to hear more and more stories just like this.

American retirees make a life in Mexico, cheaply

McClatchy Newspapers

What kind of person sells all her possessions, hops in a car with a fistful of cash and drives south of the border to make a new life?

Meet Barbara Swartz: She's done it twice.

"It takes a sense of adventure," said the 78-year-old, whose roots are in California. "I've come here twice, once 25 years ago, and once five years ago after my husband died, and each time I sold everything I owned and left."

Or meet Gordon White, a retired software executive who left the snow and ice of Michigan 12 years ago and has never looked back.

"The transition was nice," White said. "No more cold, no more snow, no more ice. The only ice I see is in my drinks now. I love it."

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