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What's Going On in Rosarito Beach!

If you're one of the millions of people who visit Baja mainly in the summer months, you can find some great surprises in Rosarito this winter, whether for a lobster day trip, a one-stop mini-vacation or a stopover on your way to or from a whale watching excursion (yes, 'tis the season).

First of all, the activities are plentiful this time of year --- and you can enjoy them with less traffic and fewer crowds. In addition to the attractions mentioned above, Rosarito is a perfect place to celebrate a romantic Valentine's Day.

You can treat your loved one to a sumptuous spa experience and a unique gift from our hundreds of shops, during a day topped off with a lobster dinner (it is fresh lobster season) or any of the other dining experiences in our gourmet's paradise. (And don't forget a toast with Baja wine).

Whatever activities you choose, the prices will be a treat. Not only have off-season rates and the economy reduced them, the dollar right now is very strong against the peso, creating some prices you must see to believe.
You'll find some of our great specials by visiting www.rosarito.org, many more by visiting us.

And if you happen to get a traffic ticket from Rosarito police (and very few people do), you'll find that a much easier to handle experience. The city last month began issuing bilingual, mail-in traffic tickets.

"In Rosarito, we're always looking for ways to enhance the experience for our more than one million visitors a year," said Convention & Visitors Bureau President Laura Wong.

"The bilingual ticket does that. It can be challenging to get a ticket in a foreign country. For tickets issued by Rosarito police, we've taken away the challenge for our visitors."   




All Rosarito police officers in December began issuing bilingual tickets for traffic infractions, which will allow out-of-area visitors as well as others the option of paying fines by mail.

The tickets will be issued by both the city's tourist police and regular police to any motorist who commits an infraction within city jurisdiction. They list amounts owed for each offense and the fines can be paid by mail.

Motorists still have the option of appealing a ticket.

The procedure does not apply to other parts of Baja or other departments, such as federal or state police, who might make traffic stop on highways under their jurisdiction within Rosarito.

Police agencies implement procedures on an individual basis, including the bilingual ticket.

"This will make it both less confusing and easier to pay traffic fines, especially for our out-of-area visitors," said Mayor Hugo Torres. "Before it was necessary to follow an officer to a station to pay the fine. Now in most cases they can simply be mailed in."

He continued: "A traffic fine can never be paid directly to an officer, and we ask that people report to us the name and badge number of any officer that requests that they do so, or any that does not offer them the option of receiving a bilingual ticket."

Implementing the bilingual ticket is the latest of many actions taken by Rosarito to make it more convenient for people visiting the popular tourist city.

"This year alone we have started a special tourist police force, office for visitor assistance and gotten about 400 volunteers for a citizens' watch program in our tourist areas," said Laura Wong, president of the Rosarito Convention & Visitors Bureau.

"Partly because of this, a busy Spring Break, Memorial Day, July Fourth and the Rosarito-Ensenada bike ride went smoothly and without any serious incident involving any of our many visitors," she said.   



The city of Rosarito and its Convention & Visitors Bureau have honored several U.S. residents for their significant contributions to the community.



The awards were presented in a Thursday night ceremony organized by the Convention & Visitors Bureau in the conference center of the Festival Plaza Hotel with more than 100 people in attendance.

ConVis President Laura Wong gave each of the recipients a plaque while Rosarito Mayor Hugo Torres presented them with keys to the city.

Jeff Failing of Bullhead City, Arizona, who has a home in Rosarito and has been visiting here for 30 years, was selected as Benefactor of the Year.

Among his other contributions, he donated 500 gallons of paint to the city's anti-graffiti program as well as backpacks for children. Failing also is a director at large of the United States/Mexico City Sisters Association.

In announcing the selection, Cesar Rivera, president of the Rosarito Sister Cities Association, said Failing described himself as "a man who cannot change the world but can make a difference," Rivera continued: "Jeff never learned Spanish but believes communicating in the same language is not as important as communicating with the heart."

Also honored as benefactors was Ron Gulli,  a member of the Glendale Fire Department, who was nominated by the Rosarito Beach Fire Department for contributions to that agency. Gulli has helped arrange the donation of a fire tuck, water tank, fire equipment, uniforms and more.

Bill Black, who was nominated by the local Red Cross chapter; also was honored.

"We need these relationships and we need these friendships," Mayor Torres said in acknowledging the contributions of the benefactors.

Awards for achievement in sports were given to Rosy Torres, racquetball; Karen Barbosa, swimming; and Marco Antonio Tovar, baseball.

This was the first time that benefactor of the year awards have been given but Convention and Visitors Bureau President Laura Wong said they will likely become an annual event in the city, which has 14,000 expatriate residents.

"It is very important that we acknowledge the many contributions made to the city by these generous and caring people," she said. "We are pleased that the Convention & Visitors Bureau was able to sponsor the event."  



Rosarito Beach Visitors Bureau

Published Friday, January 2, 2009 10:48 AM by Kanoa Biondolillo


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