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200,000 sq ft convention center being built in Rosarito starting next month-Big name hotels will follow

Mexico- September 29, 2008.  

The Governor of Baja California, Jose Guadalupe Osuna Millán, was the keynote speaker at the groundbreaking ceremony for the “Convention Center of Tijuana”.  He told the crowd that for over ten years The Convention Center has been in the discussion phase but from today forward it will be a reality. 

He said construction will begin in October, 2008 and will be a finished by the year 2010.  The Convention Center, will have more than 20 thousand meters squared (over 200,000 square feet) of construction and an investment of $250 million pesos (about $23,000,000 USD).  It will be surrounded by existing and brand new hotels and the area will have restaurants, shopping and entertainment for the conventioneers and their guests.   

The Governor emphasized that the project will be a joint effort of the Federal and State governments and the city councils of Rosarito, Tecate and Tijuana.   It has been the experience of other regions of the country that already have this type of infrastructure in place that a project like this will create a large financial benefit for the local population.  The Convention Center of Tijuana will have a positive economic effect on the more than 2 million inhabitants of the state of Baja California Norte. 

The first phase of funding for the Convention Center will be $33 million pesos (about $3,000,000 USD), which has been authorized and will be shared by the Federal and the State governments fifty percent each.

 “We analyzed more than nine possible locations, and we chose this site because we believe we can attract national conventions and large entertainment events which will help promote the tourism of Tijuana and the rest of the State, and stimulate the urban and economic development of the zone”, said Osuna Millán.

The Convention center of Tijuana-Rosarito will be constructed on a portion of a 10 hectares (24 acres) parcel  of the Ejido Mazatlán, around kilometer 31 of the toll highway Tijuana-Ensenada in the Beach municipality of Rosarito; this land was donated by Mrs. Esther Peinado.  The Governor believes that this location will benefit not only Tijuana but also the City of Rosarito Beach which is located about 30 kilometers south of the U.S. border. 

The construction and operation of this Convention Center does not depend on the American economy because these Centers have a life of their own and are supported by international tourism.

The area will bring together different events of social and business themes having the capacity of between 3,750 people in stage type events and 2,500 in dinner-dance type events.  When used for exhibitions the capacity increases to 9,000 people and there will be parking for 1,200 automobiles.

“With this one project economic and tourist growth is guaranteed.   We have a good strategic plan, it is thoroughly modern, and it will satisfy the needs of the public.  The infrastructure will be in place to provide transportation for the public.  It will bring the best artists and exhibitors and be able to compete with the Convention center of San Diego”, indicated the Coordinator General of Cabinet, Lic. Raul Leggs Vázquez.

The completion of this Convention center will be in June of year 2010 to be ready for the reception to be attended by the governors of the border states of Mexico and the United States.

This Convention Center will be the anchor that will bring hotels of the highest quality, such as the Hyatt, the Marriot, and the Sheraton brands, as well as shopping centers, corporate office towers and services for conventioneers.

Published Friday, October 3, 2008 12:44 PM by Kanoa Biondolillo


# re: 200,000 sq ft convention center being built in Rosarito starting next month-Big name hotels will follow

Monday, February 23, 2009 6:01 PM by lizzybeth

Just wondering .. has it broken ground.  How's are development out there?


# re: 200,000 sq ft convention center being built in Rosarito starting next month-Big name hotels will follow

Wednesday, October 13, 2010 6:43 PM by GLORIA RUIZ MONTOYA

I would love to keep informed about this magnificant development. I think this will bring more people to visit our beautiful Rosarito Beaches, hotels,and it will benefit our residents with the opportunity for jobs which are so needed for our people. I was born here in this beautiful place, and I would love to see this happen.  Please if you be so kind to email information to my site. gloriam@orangeusd.org I would really appreciated.

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