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Mexico Top Retirement Destination-National Association of Realtors

 Mexico Top Retirement Destination Between now and 2025, there will be a baby boomer retiring every 16 seconds. While 2030 will be the peak year of boomer retirement, the first year of boomers (born 1946) turn 62 this year; many of which are now retiring and taking advantage of a record levels of leisure income. Each year International Living examines the best opportunities worldwide for retirement living and publishes their Global Retirement Index. International Living looks at such issues as where the dollars go furthest, which country is the safest, and quality of health care. Top priority is given to issues that matter most to anyone planning for retirement, including programs of special benefits for retirees, e.g., tax breaks, discounts, and freebies, that various governments proffer to residents, sometimes specifically to foreign residents in an effort to attract investment and retirement dollars. In the current Retirement Index, Mexico tops the list with real estate opportunities being a significant factor in the overall ranking. Other top countries include Ecuador, Italy, and Panama.
Published Wednesday, August 13, 2008 11:53 AM by Kanoa Biondolillo


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