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Finance North America closes 100th GE Money Mexico Home Loan

February 6, 2007 Finance North America closes the 100th GE Money Mexico home loan in December 2006. The San Diego- based mortgage firm continues to pioneer the lending market for Mexico real estate.

 Closing the 100th GE Money Mexico home loan, San Diego-based Finance North America continues its track of excellence in striving to deliver the best Mexico real estate financing options available. Their founders assisted GE Money in designing its current Mexico loan program and are currently pioneering additional financing products with additional investors. Russ Schreier, Finance North America’s president states, “We pride ourselves with being on the cutting edge of new home loan products and being innovators for the lending market in Mexico real estate, and are always striving to work with a variety of investors to bring borrowers the best lending options.”

 Mexico has enjoyed a housing boom in the last four years, fueled by low interest rates, a deficit of more than five million homes, and government support for the real estate sector. According to estimates by Mexico's housing commission Conavi, private and public sector mortgage lenders will make about 830,000 home loans this year, eclipsing last year’s record of 750,000. Finance North America plans on being at the forefront of this movement in 2007.

Finance North America is a San Diego-based firm that in 2005 its founders pioneered US-based mortgages for Mexico real estate. This made it possible for Mexico’s real estate to be bought and owned by residents of other countries using traditional US-style mortgages, rather than needing to rely on either cash or high-interest, high-risk peso-based mortgages for their purchases.

 Since developing cross border financing, Mexico’s real estate market has exploded as Americans seeking vacation or retirement destinations invest there. Finance North America’s President & CEO, Russell Schreier, recently announced:

Loan prepayment penalties have been eliminated

Real Estate financing is possible without any FICO requirements

FNA can help owners pull equity out of their property in Mexico

 While each financial innovation for Mexico’s real estate market is impressive, FNA offering all under one roof is HUGE! The interest level among Americans and Canadians has swelled as residents of these two countries have realized the property market is suddenly open to them.

 Finance North America


Toll Free from US/Canada: 866-Yes-4-Mex (866-937-4-639) From Mexico: 001-858-481-4871 email: news@financenorthamerica.com

Published Tuesday, February 6, 2007 9:54 AM by Kanoa Biondolillo


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