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Whales are the largest mammals on the planet and they are also the most mobile. Whales have been known to travel migration routes that are over 12,000 miles round trip.

Baja California, Mexico is the turnaround point for the many whales that travel between the food-rich waters of the Arctic and the mating and calving destinations in the lagoons that can be found on both the west coast of the Baja peninsula and up into the Sea of Cortez.

The best time of the year to go whale watching in Mexico starts in January and goes through March when you can expect to see the whales moving down the coast.

Whale watching tours in Mexico are available in the winter for the people that want to get in a boat and get up close to these giants. If being in the ocean is not for you just finding a high enough hill and a pair of binoculars will give you a breathtaking experience.


Wine tasting in Rosarito Beach MexicoWinemaking in Mexico has come of age. Mexican wines are competing in worldwide competition and coming away with first place ribbons. Most of the winners are coming from Baja.

There are three major wine producing areas in Mexico, with the Baja California area producing 90% of Mexico’s wine. The city of Ensenada is at the gateway to the most famous wineries in Mexico.

This area is promoted heavily for wine tourism with the “Ruta Del Vino” (Wine Route), which connects over fifty wineries with the port of Ensenada. The wine route offers a wide range of attractions that ranges from small familiar wineries to the large scale producers.

The annual world famous “Vendimia” (harvest festival) is attended by tens of thousands of visitors that flock here in the month of August for the fun, the food, and the wine.  Internationally known performers come to Mexico every year to participate in this gala event.

Driving to wine country in the Guadalupe and Calafia valleys from Ensenada provides insight into why winemaking has undergone such a positive transformation in the past 30 years and why the past 10 years have been so dramatic. Well-tended vineyards and modern advancements in viticulture are obvious.  The rising demand for Mexican wine has seen the expansion of the existing vineyards and the introduction of new names to this area. 

Three wineries anchored the Mexican wine industry and continue their important leadership role. In the Calafia Valley, Vinos L.A. Cetto, Vinos Pedro Domecq and Bodegas De Santo Tomás. They tend a sea of vines of all varieties and are presenting the results in their wine tasting room.

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Scuba Diving in Rosarito BeachFun Baja invites you to come to La Paz, the Gateway to the Sea of Cortez. Here, in an extended weekend in the right time of year, you can dive with sea lions, hammerhead sharks, and snorkel with whale sharks. It IS amazing! Let Fun Baja be your guides. We will treat you like family and show you the very best service. Many of our clients come back year after year.

Fun Baja provides high-quality adventures all year. With over 15 years in business and dive leaders with thousands of hours of water time, we know how to get you on a first name basis with the animals and dive sites that are the Sea of Cortez. Your friends won’t believe your pictures!!

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