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Recreational In Rosarito Beach Area


Every year, tens of thousands of people head to Mexico to enjoy their passion for one of the world’s most popular sports and activities.


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Fishing in Baja

In Mexico, you can fish in the oceans, lakes, and streams depending on your preference. You can fish in saltwater or freshwater and find that Mexico has it all. 

Mexico’s deep sea fishing is recognized the world over by experienced fishermen who go there regularly to fish for marlin, sailfish, tuna, dorado, and more. 

You will be able to charter fishing boats in all the major resort towns in Mexico that will take you out to where the big fish can be found. Good fishing charters companies have boats that have been specially adapted for deep-sea fishing. The good ones will come fully equipped with a trained and knowledgeable captain and crew, the right gear, and food and drinks to last all day. 

Fishing trips usually begin early in the morning and will last until the afternoon or early evening. 


Surfing in Baja

Surfing in Mexico is one of the greatest experiences you can imagine. Surfers come from all over the world to the sandy beaches and the excellent waves that can be found on the Pacific Ocean coasts of the Baja peninsula and mainland Mexico. Mexico can be surfed all year round but the best time for surfing comes between April to October. This is when you will see consistent surf and perfect waves at some of the famous surfing breaks that surfers love. There are point breaks, beach breaks, reefs, and the rivers’ mouth, affording an enormous variety of waves of all types. Some of the most 

Popular places to find waves in Mexico are:

-Baja California
-Cabo San Lucas
-Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca
-Todos Santos, Ensenada

There are many more surfing spots that the insiders know and if you are one of them or want to become one, Mexico surfing is for you. You will want to come to Mexico and experience the perfect spots to surf, the nice friendly, and welcoming people, the moonlight fiestas, and the excellent food. Surfers come from around the world to ride big waves in Mexico. There are some surfing spots that will break with waves from 30 to 40 feet or more. The best surfing will be found on the Pacific coast of the Baja peninsula and the mainland’s west coast below the Sea of Cortez.

Depending on the time of year, surf locations in Mexico will be at their best. South-facing beaches get their best waves from May through October when storms from Australia, New Zealand, and Antarctica send their swells towards Mexico. 

In the months from December through March, west-facing beaches will get big waves that are generated from storms in the Arctic regions of the North Pacific Ocean. When looking to plan your “surfing safari” you will want to consider when you will be going to Mexico and which surf spots will be breaking at that time.


Golf in Baja

Mexico is the number two destination worldwide for U.S. golfers, right behind Hawaii. The Mexican Government’s Department of Tourism wants to change that ranking. They are determined to be number one, and at the rate, they are going it shouldn't take too long to achieve that goal.

Mexico’s resort cities are home to world-class golf courses designed by United States golf professionals like Greg Norman and Jack Nicklaus. These cities are in the most gorgeous locations in Mexico and the golf courses that are built there rival the best courses in the world.

In the interior of Mexico, at elevations over 5,000 feet, you can golf the wonderful traditional courses of Mexico City, Guadalajara, and Morelos. In fact, there are now more than 150 golf courses in Mexico that have been created to meet the rising demand. A trip to the golf courses in Mexico is one you should not miss. Mexico is the ultimate golf destination. 

Real Del Mar Golf Resort Tijuana

Real Del Mar

Its golf course, which opened on July 21, 1993, was designed along 3 guns by Arq. Pedro Giiereca Gurrola, allows you to enjoy the natural beauty of the coast, where 18 holes, par 72 with 6,400 yards and lakes offer a great challenge for players of all levels. Over 20 years Real del Mar has produced countless golf tournaments private sector companies and altruistic.

Carretera Escenica Tijuana- Ensenada Km 19 (10.66 mi) Tijuana, Baja California 22565

Phone: +52( 664) 631-3670


Bajamar Oceanfront Golf Resort Ensenada


Bajamar is a world-class residential and tourist resort offering premier services and amenities. Its location and spectacular Pacific Ocean views make Bajamar an incomparable haven, offering visitors and residents natural beauty in a safe and relaxed environment. Bajamar’s Master Plan augments the hotel, golf course, and existing residential communities with condos and commercial lots.

Carretera Escénica Tijuana- Ensenada, Km. 77.5 (21.87 mi) Ensenada, Baja California 22760

Phone: 01 (800) 025-407 Or +52 (646) 155-0151



Guadalupe Valley

Since the 1990s the association of winemakers of Baja California holds the Grape Harvest Fiestas in the Valley of Guadalupe and the town of Ensenada every year in August. The celebration includes wine tasting sessions, concerts and soirées, and samplings of regional cuisine and Mexican wines.

The Annual Valle Food & Wine Festival is held in October and benefits orphaned &  abandoned children in Baja. Featuring world-class chefs from Mexico and the U.S., the festival also features 20 of the best winemakers in Baja, craft brewers, artists, local artisans, and live bands. Eat, drink and dance for a good cause. 

Wine tasting is available year-round, and several of the wineries have built up-market restaurant/tasting establishments aimed specifically at tourists from the United States. A winery tour is usually included on cruise ships that stop at Ensenada.


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