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A little over six years ago our company moved to Mexico and we needed a website hosting company that we could afford and that would allow us to grow.  I promise you that we spent more than a month of serious examination of what was available before we picked Point2Agent (P2A).  We are so glad we did.

Let me tell you the major advantages that we found and see if you agree.  Yes, it was easy to build a simple site and almost anyone could do that in a couple of days.  But the key is being part of the P2A community of over 200,000 agents.  That is what has allowed us to grow our company and maintain the SEO position that we have (front page on Google, MSN and Yahoo) for the search terms that have value for us.  You can Google “Baja real estate” as an example and see where we come up.

Point2Agent has the largest real estate syndication system that places your listings on the most viewed websites like Yahoo, EBay, Craig’s List and 35 other major sites, all with the ease of putting your listing on your site.       

We are sure that most professional real estate agents are using the internet today.  If you are part of a national franchise that is helping you on the internet that is one of the great things that they do for you.  And if you are an independent real estate agent or a member of a small office, I am sure you have an internet presence also.  This is all necessary in today’s market.  But can you do more?  Yes!

What I am proposing is that you take a look at a second choice, an additional website.  We all know that just one form of marketing is not effective.  For a very small cost you can become part of an international real estate community that will give your listings exposure you wouldn’t get without it.  I can’t take the time here to list all the benefits of joining P2A but I would be happy to talk to you on the phone if you are interested. Call David Biondolillo at 760-203-2227 for more information.

Baja123 would like to help you get started by offering you 3 free months of Point2Agent hosting so you can try it for yourself. 





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