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Rosarito is not only one of the nicest places to live, but it is also full of both personal and business opportunities. That is why there are so many foreign residents moving and investing in Rosarito Real Estate. The people are friendly, the weather beautiful, and life is good -- especially for foreigners whose income and savings are denominated in Dollars. 

At we know it is difficult to make any move, much less to a foreign country and that’s why we offer both Baja real estate services and Baja moving assistance. We have personal experience with moving to Rosarito from the United States and have experienced everything from researching properties to obtaining a Visa, to arranging for belongings to be moved to our new homes.

If you are considering the possibility of moving or doing business in Rosarito, you have probably discovered that this will be a life-changing decision; one that can potentially improve your quality of life or your investment portfolio. Therefore, as a foreign resident, or investor, you will want to do it right and surround yourself with the people who can assist you now and in the future. Our Baja moving services will help you save both money and time – along with finding that perfect home.

Mexico RelocationWhen you purchase a home from us it is only the beginning of the assistance we will be providing to you. When you relocate to Baja you will want to know where to eat, shop, have your hair cut and laundry is done and, of course, where to find the best taco in town.

Moving can be one of the most stressful events in our lives. However, by getting organized and planning ahead, you can prepare your family for a smooth move. We will help to educate you so that you have all the information you need to make your move to Baja as simple and easy as possible. is dedicated to providing the very best personalized moving services to Baja for our clients. Through our commitment, experience, and expertise, our Baja moving services will make you feel right at home in Baja and establish that relationship that will last a lifetime.

Rosarito is a beautiful place, with a beautiful culture. Allow us to show you all that is Mexico.

Whether you have found your dream home or are still looking, you should consider what you will need to move to Mexico.  Even if you are leaving all your worldly possessions you still need to do some paperwork.  You will need a travel visa called an FM3.  It is not difficult but necessary. 

And if you want to move your belongings you will need to be prepared to have the correct documents to take advantage of the “First Move Free” policy for foreigners. 

You will want to make sure you have our list of requirements that will help you make it easy to bring your property into Rosarito.  Follow the instructions below to get a copy of our detailed instruction list. 

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