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San Quintin, Mexico
San Quintin Mexico, A Wheat-Growing Mill Town
For most travelers, agricultural San Quintin is a place to rest and refuel midway between Ensenada and Guerrero Negro on the way to Baja California Sur. But over the years, a few surfers and fishermen have discovered it’s worth it to stay a while. Consisting of three interconnected bays, the coastal area around San Quintin is a prime fishing spot with marshes that make for excellent bird-watching. You can dig clams on the beach, or hunt for ducks, valley quail, and brandt with a licensed guide.

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San Quintin Hotels and Resorts

Stay in a historic colonial home, luxury boutique hotel, or all-inclusive resort. Rent a casita on the beach or meet the friendly owners of a small B&B.

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San Quintin
News and Views

Get the latest weather updates, fishing reports, road conditions, breaking news, and the word on the street from correspondents in every region of the Baja Peninsula.

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San Quintin

Savor a distinctive Baja cuisine that blends traditional Mexican dishes with fresh seafood, locally grown produce, and an international flair.

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San Quintin Vacation Rentals

From one-room bungalows to multi-family villas, Baja has the right vacation rental for every traveler.   

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San Quintin Events

From national holidays to local fiestas to golf and fishing tournaments, there is something to celebrate every day of the year in Baja. Plan your trip around the gray whale migration, Baja 1000, or Carnaval.

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San Quintin Activities

The Baja Peninsula offers endless possibilities for outdoor adventure. Book a sportfishing charter, play a round of golf, dive or snorkel along a coral reef, plan a surf safari, learn to kiteboard, or go for a hike in the desert.

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San Quintin Guide

Get to know Baja, town by town, and plan the perfect trip for yourself or

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San Quintin Map

Find your way around the Baja Peninsula. Consult our maps to learn

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San Quintin Directory

Search for trusted service providers before and during your stay.

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