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MEDICAL INSURANCE SERVICES FOR MEXICOWhether you are traveling on vacation or permanently moving to Mexico, you may want medical insurance and the best way to get it is through a private insurance company.

Mexico has only 2 options for medical insurance, Popular Insurance (Provided by the government) and Private health insurance.

1. Popular Insurance

Popular Insurance (Seguro Popular) is a program from the Government that provides health care to residents, citizens and their families living currently in Mexico.

The Social Protection of Health System, better known as Seguro Popular is the mechanism by which the State ensures access to effective, timely, quality, without cost at the time of use and without discrimination, medical and surgical services, pharmaceuticals and hospital care, comprehensively to meet health needs.

Seguro Popular was created to provide financial protection to the population without entitlements through a scheme of health insurance, public and voluntary, through the consolidation of funds from different sources in order to finance the cost of health services for the population that needs it.

Citizens and Residents that are currently not insured by any other government provider such as IMSS, ISSSTE and others can qualify for Seguro Popular.

These are the requirements:

  • Be a legal resident, you need to provide your temporary or permanent residency card

  • Not be affiliated to IMSS, ISSSTE or other government health insurance provider

  • Proof of address (current or no more than 90 days old)

  • CURP (Unique Population Registration Number), you should have one if you applied for any residency status.

  • Copy of your birth certificate

  • Copy of any government issued picture ID

Besides those requirements, they need to do a socioeconomic study to determine whether or not you need to pay anything for the insurance. The policy is good for 3 years and after being accepted you will receive a book of rights and obligations.

For more information visit their website: Seguro Popular

2. Private Health Insurance

Expatriates can have private insurance provided by their employers or by themselves. Private insurance providers are accepted at top of the range of medical centers and clinics.

If you are traveling for a short period of time, traveler’s insurance coverage is a good option; this can be for a minimum of 15 days to a maximum of 2 years.

You should determine what your needs will be so you can feel comfortable that you have medical insurance in Mexico.

Options for Private Health Insurance providers in the Rosarito Beach Area:

  • GNP Seguros

    • Mexicali
      Blvd. Benito Juárez #1295, Plaza Fimbres, Mexicali, B.C.
      Phone: Toll-Free in Mexico (01 800) 400-9000


    • Tijuana
      Paseo de Los Héroes, Zona Río, Tijuana, B.C.
      Phone: Toll-Free in Mexico (01 800) 400-9000


  • AXXA Mexico

    • Ensenada
      Lázaro Cárdenas #1800, Playa Ensenada, Ensenada, B.C.
      Phone: From Mexico (867) 714-7055


    • Mexicali
      De Los Héroes #339, Centro Cívico, Mexicali, B.C.
      Phone: Toll-Free in Mexico (01 800) 900-1292 ext. 4408


    • Tijuana
      Paseo de los Héroes #10105, 5th Floor, Zona Río, Tijuana, B.C.
      Phone: Toll-Free in Mexico (01 800) 900-1292 ext. 4007


  • Grupo Inbursa

    • Tijuana
      Av. Gral. Abelardo L. Rodriguez #1405 Col. Zona Río, Tijuana, B.C.
      Phone: (664) 900-7545, (664) 900-7446


    • Ensenada
      Blvd. Reforma #124, Suite 27, Col. Bahía, Ensenada, B.C.
      Phone: (646) 165-1015


    • Mexicali
      Av. Reforma #1161, Col. Nueva, Mexicali, B.C.
      Phone: (686) 553-421


  • Bersamex
    • ​Tijuana
      Av. Las Ferias 13001-9, Plaza Lomas Tijuana, B.C.
      Phone: (664) 638-1262